Thursday, August 16, 2007


It's funny - I am in Abuja, with my favourite 'aunty' and 'uncle' couple, trying to take life easy after the exams, not yet ready to face Lagos and it's hold-ups, watching Big Brother Africa like it's going out of season, reading everybody's blogs, dropping comments here and there, staying on the internet almost 24-7, waking and sleeping and lazing, but can't seem to find anything to blog about...

And I refuse to blog when I dont't really have anything to say!

Lest I forget, thanks for all the good wishes. Hope the week is treating you well?

*wink* (cos life IS beautiful!),

P.S: Oh by the way, I think the new CBN policy is wack. Hopefully I'll say why when my brain ceases to be lazy!


Gbemi said...

Congratulations ! I am happy for you! So what next??

Anonymous said...

uncle whazagwan with your phone!?

Anonymous said...

Chude,Chude,Chude,...get thee down to Lagos and face the hustle and bustle rather than lazy about in Abuja!



my friend come and put up a proper post jo!!! Lol

Abebe said...

Chude wat do you think of BBA housemates, and the SA/9ja and now GHANA/9ja war of words on the screen via txt msgs? now that's something to blog abt.

Jaja said...

Ah! Chilling in ABJ..
can one ask for anymore?

Jaja said...

Chilling in ABJ...
can one ask for anymore???

Anonymous said...

Hi Chude, I sort of stumbled upon your blog entries, I must say you sound a very interesting guy, with alot of questionable choices in music (are you gay?). And what's with Onyeka's music? Is she your aunt? Well I'm intrigued to say the very least, and congrats on your exams bro. it goes downhill from here on (just messing!) Look forward to reading interesting things from you... Stay Inspired!


omohemi Benson said...

Me, am looking for a way to escape from Lagos and come to Abuja o!
create space for me,lol.
Glad to know you are well.

Mrs Somebody said...

Lagos is calling out your name!
Come back Chude! Come back!

Chude! said...

thanks! what's next is that i'm in Lagos to make money!lol. How you dey?

if you reveal ya identity i go text you my number!

i have listened and i am back!

@36 inches,
LOL. I shall do so!! How u dey?

na wa for tyhat fight! but Kweku abi na Kwaku was asking for it! Not that Ofunneka inspires any kind of support from me sha. I should get back into my BBA groove by next week!

evidenty not!lol How u dey?

am i gay?! people who ask those kinda questions are always up to something!! What;'s questionable about ma music choices btw? About Onyeka, i have a shameless, senseless, obviously everlasting, gushing crush on her!!! She IS my idol!` Thanks for visiting my blog and do come again.

I feel you!

LOL! LOL! LOL! I have heeded the call!!! How's the family?

Anonymous said...

Hi again dropped in to see what's popping. Shame about your TV program can't say I've seen it 'cause I don't reside in Nigeria but best of luck with everything, from what I read it's all the Rave. I'm female & definitely not up to anything.

On the Onyeka front ain't nothing happening.Do you want to be another Micheal Jackson? And congrats on getting with it now you'll be a slave to the Internet (another one bites the dust) One more thing.. Be Brilliant!