Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Should We Take This Rubbish?!

So Ms. Iyanda asks a question:

"My question, are the youth and people of Nigeria so brow beaten and/or brain washed that they will accept this? Where are the voices of reason?"

You can read the story that led to that question HERE

And so I ask, added to the UTTER IGNORANT RUBBING that the pseudo-University called Covenant is imposing on the psyche of a generation trying to find a more enduring moral compass, is my generation going to take all this sh*t and just swallow it?!


P.s: Pls if anyone does see any comment on their blogs either today and perhaps yesterday, please disregard; someone has accessed my account (I think), and so I have changed the password.


Calabar Gal said...

Its really crazy.... They need to work on other useful policies not pursue crazy ones like these....

Pink-satin said...

sad sad sad!my heart bleeds for 9ja ,,ah?

JD said...

Ok, I'm still fuming after reading Funmi's blog! Now this utter abuse by any institution to violate and invade a person's diginity for whatever reason is just beyond me. I read the artice in the papers and was seriously looking to see if the so-called university would provide any kind of counselling for the students after putting them through such a traumatic episode. What happens if they do find a couple of people HIV+ or pregnant? Would they parade them like freaks as an example to others? What kind of support and care are they planning to offer these people?

I'm just too infruiated about all this madness in nigeria and the stupid bunch of idiots we have at the top making decisions and this includes the stupid police IG.


wavemasta said...

Ok first of all.....im an exmay.finished 98..now back to ur question ....Its all about religious brainwashing. When you hear things like "touch not my anointed" and blah blah, it places issues like this on another level.
Trust me.......they will accept it. Im a xtian...and I respect people, and what the whole uni was all about...but I feel this initiative is wrong.....and trust me when I say that the youths will accept it.
Why? cus when u get the impresion that you are talking against God, when speaking against this.......then it becomes scary.
But Its a wrong thing to do.

Anonymous said...

chude, the same funmi?! no bi say this issue no serious o - but ehm, na wayas!LOL

mystoriesmytestimonies said...

why do we have to use God as our excuse?....
i dont think Jesus will make people take HIV/pregnancy test....
He accepted the woman at the well..

religious people are just hypocrites... sad..

Iyobosa said...

fundamentalist Christianity is what is springing up in the country! These days no one is talking about the love of Christ, its either about prosperity, chasing demons or wearing the longest skirts!

Chude! said...

@calabar girl,
my sista o!!!

i can't wait to return to lagos and witness this for myself!

it;s the silliness of it all that grates me most as much as it does you

hey bro! exx-may? so you were my senior eh? did you ever punish me?!lol. did i know you? thanks for dropping by..

abi o my sista!

fundamentalist christianity in fact scares me much more than its islamist counterpart. scary