Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Can I get a witness!!!

I’ve been called a 'winch' many times for my ability to keep things to myself until they are done or passed. It comes from being an only child. It comes as a shock usually because it’s such a contrast to my usual talkative tell-all self.

Well, for the past 8 days, even as I blogged and ‘facebooked’; I have been writing the most intensive exams of my life. An exam EVERY SINGLE DAY for the past six days – and have been under the most horrific stress that is possible; that I have ever gone through.

I have had just the most basic sleep, my room has been in disarray (I re-christened it the War Room), my back aches, my head aches, my mouth is almost dry … yet I am just… happy.

All over the world, they say the Bar Exams are feared. Well in Nigeria they must certainly are! Typically, I entered these exams with self-conscious fear and trepidation and a complete state of unprepared-ness (as usual), but they were … A BREEZE! I say this without any sense of arrogance or self-augmentation; it is simply a matter of fact. A matter of God’s grace. The Grace of God and His Grace alone!

People! Listen!! The race is truly not for the swift, no frigging way! It;s time and chance and God and God and God alone that happens to us all. I believe in God! Yes, I believe! I am a witness! And I went to church for the first time in three weeks now to sing and dance and shout and give my first-fruit to him, because it is his work and his work alone. The past 8 days have been His, for His Glory and for me to bask in.

I can’t believe it is over. Law school is over! And I can’t believe how beautifully it all ended. I will most likely tell the story on this same pages very soon. But for now I am just too too too too too over the top with happing, too too too too too intoxicated with joy, tooo hyper, tooo grateful to God. I am screaming as I write – everyone in the Abuja campus of the law school is screaming. There is such palpable joy. It is the most exhilarating sight! I am screaming the most. I have even lost my voice!

All I feel is the most wholesome, beautiful, filling, empowering JOY.

Father, I thank You. This is unmerited favour. And for it, there is none more unworthy than I. Indeed, there is none like You.

E ba mi yin oluwa logo o!!!!!!!!!


Ijeoma N. said...

you be real witch! congrats bro

Ijeoma N. said...

you be real witch! congrats bro

Anonymous said...


Omo Alagbede said...


Omo Alagbede said...

Congrats men. Do you return to Lagos, or has Uncle Umaru already offered you sumthing over there.. he he he - Special Assistant on Special Assistance Matters...


Congrats menh on your law school thingy!

uknaija said...


uknaija said...


a'bebe said...

chude, i salute you. i wrote the bar exams in feb. was in abj too. all the talk about the bar exams men, one could really go crazy. did people like Okorie terrorize you? i can imagine the celebration. thank God its all over. you just relax and chill if i made it- not let my ppl go, not manage pass, a genius like you will get 1st class.
men i hail oh blogging and bar part two at the same time, i hail.

mystoriesmytestimonies said...

how come i just saw this post today august13th....

i am dancing with u ....

Waffarian said...

Congrats, was in Naija and heard only good stuff about you, keep it up!

Chinenye said...

I'm rejoicing with you.

Chude! said...

thanks!!! how far?
thanks man!@uk,
tank you o!
LOL. Okorie was a terrorist o! But i loved him all the same! He was my fav lecturer! And AMEN o!

aw thanks a lot!!!
thank you o!!

Chude! said...

nne thank you o!!
I dey wait for my appointment letter o!!
thanks man!
yes o, na Okorie be the real terrorist o!! But funny enough, he was my fav lecturer o! And i say AMEN
thanks my sista!
Awww... thanks a lot!
thank you o!

Mutiu said...

Congrats man!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought I left comments to congratulate you Chude? Hmmmm...Been deleting them? Still vexing I didn't know about your exams?

Sebi I said I will buy you okpa?

Left you a smack on Jeremy's for saying bad stuff about BBA women's bodies.

Mrs Somebody said...

Congratulations on your bar exams Barrister Chude!!!!

Chude! said...


@ide, i no know wetin happen to your congratulobia too o!!

@mrs somebody,
thank you o!!!

God's child said...

Congrats! praisin God with you!

de'-tente said...

Believe me chude, i know how you feel.just lets know when you'll be joining us officially.Welcome!!

Aijay said...

Been thinking of moving back to Naija to attend law sch but I've been discouraged by a number of people. "The legal system in Naija is messed up." "You'll earn peanuts" etc.
Personally, I think it'll be great for one to qualify as a lawyer in one's own country.
I'm still considering...we'll see how it goes.

Chude! said...

@god;'s child,

will do!!!

It's messed up yes i wont deny that,and it IS peanuts but 1) you should just come and do the qualification at least - it's just 9 months. 2) people are still survivig that system and still have intrgrity. I think you should sha. thanks for dropping in