Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Our dear banking magician, Prof. Charles Soludo, just got a crash course on the Nigerian psychology: we are never too star struck.

People are talking about how he didnt 'consult widely' and that is why this policy fell flat, but they forget that he also did not consult widely on consolidation as well as last year's new naira notes. But we left him because in the first case, there was a villian common to us all, the almighty banks, and we needed a hero - and there came SoLUDO ... by the second time we decided to give him benefit of the doubt, and by the third time, equally armed with a President who listens, we said to him: 'enough already'!

Of course everyone still respects Soludo - with distinctions from BSc to PhD who wont?! But then he still needs to oil the well of respect constantly and nothing dries that kinda all faster than a 'know-it-all' attitude - ask Obasanjo, ask Obasanjo, ask Obasanjo!!

In the meantime, dont you just feel admiration for this our President - rushing to stand behind Prof. Soludo, before all the hawks wanting his head take advantage of this one mistake? As he rightly said, it's not the man's competence that is in doubt. Yar'adua just trips me!


p.s: Can you believe that Lerato saved Meryl (!!) and put Maureen on the Eviction Noose?! Incredible! So it appears we are going to lose the 'wondrous' and 'fearful' sight of Jeff and his 'exercises' so soon... or is it just me?

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