Friday, June 1, 2007

Oma, Onari - and later

I have been telling everyone this funny story, and I will share it with you ... after two weeks of 'fighting Omawunmi's war', I finally met the girl ... and it wasn't pretty! Sadly.

What a disappointment. Unfortunately, I can't stay long here so I will give you the gist later. By what time I might also have done an interview with her - one I am looking forward to - itis sure to be a battle of wits.

This one thing I will tell you though ... she is spunky. Good thing that. Dont know about the rest of the package though.

Also had an interesting monday with(out) Mrs. Onari Duke, and a blast on tuesday at our mega-brilliant Rubbing Minds at SixDegreesNorth on tuesday. (You can see pictures of the event at

Yours Truly, moderating at Rubbing Minds

Will share all these with you by sunday, hopefully.

Hope you had as great a week as I did, or even greater!



Anonymous said...

i enjoy ur blog.
where is sixdegrees north? ive heard about it.

Idemili said...

Chude, God will punish you if you do not come back to gist properly! What was wrong with her? Was it something physical? Oooooohhhh Chude is shallow!

Anyway, I will wait patiently by the gate to your soon as I return from seeing Ngugi Wa Thi'ongo, Helon Habila and Chuma Nwokolo!

Waffarian said...

idemili, you are such a show off! why did you not invite me?

Anonymous said...

Why is everybody looking bored and your stomach looking rather big?..Amala Olaiya?Lol

Anonymous said...

was this an invitation-only event? if so, which criteria did you use to determine who was worthy?

Lola said...

Chude! (that's my brand name for you, with the exclamation after hehehe...i'm such a dork!) anyway, where am i in these pics?!?! lol

Chude! said...

sixdegrees is the cool new place upstairs at bacchus (the club). visit them if ure in Lagos. really sexy place!

I hate you!!! Ngugi wa Thiongo? Oh I hate you! lol. NBo it wasnt physical o with Oma ... well yeah a bit!lol But that was the list of the problems - she was plain rude and patronising too! Gave her a piece of my mind when i interviewed her though, trust me! sshe's easily the most intlligent of the lot and the most likely to succeed if she learnbs tocontrol her mouth!

no mind am! yeye!

my sister, itr's all the bad food that nigeria has o!!! and bored? bored was the aboslute last thing anyone felt on that day - the bacchus people basically had to chase them out for them to leave!lol

we have a database of numbers and contacts from which the redstrat in-house guest list committee mixes numbers from diufferenyt sectors every edition. very soon we will put up a form on our site so the database expands. wanna come next time?

I like, i Your pictures are on Purefoto!lol