Sunday, May 27, 2007

So Timi Won ... Hiss!!!!!

Such a shame that Omawunmi lost the WA Idol show!!! Yes, I deliberately did not add a spoiler warning because I am upset! Afterall you all went and voted for Timi who has a lot of personality yes but not half as much talent as Omawunmi!!!

Of course when I was sending texts to all my friends and family over the week up until yesterday to vote for Omawunmi I knew I was fighting a lost battle but then what did my soul sister, Dido say? "No White flags! I will go down with this ship!"

But seriously do you know that people rooted for Timi without even watching the shows?!?! Seriously. In fact I was in that camp until I went for a live show last week and saw all Oma's performances ... and was blown away. Sadly not everybody was able to see the light!

It's a sad day for Nigerian music when talent fails to win souls!!! Let's have a moment of silence ... Okay so i'm being melodramatic, shoot me!

Disclaimer: I do not know Omawunmi; have never met her, and do NOT have crush on her ... well, that is apart from her great legs!!!! Yes, shoot me!


Idemili said...

LOL, asewo like you. Yeah right you don't have a crush on her...until the interview which you will inevitably do!LOL

Bisola said...

I feel u on this. So annoying. Hiss!! I'm sure Oma will eventually make it way bigger than that Timi.

The Pseudo-Independent said...

This is only to reserve a seat here and I will be back to comment properly after exploring this excellent blog.
Ill be back. However, just in case I am taking too long, please give me a shout.
See you shortly.

omohemi Benson said...

Thank you o! my broda!
May you live long.
I also have to add I donot know Omawunmi, saw her for the 1st time at WAI finale on Saturday!
But abeg! The babe rocks! she is the original idol.
I wish timi, the best o but Omawunmi is the best, only time will show the real winner.

TaureanMinx said...

He won?? Don't worry, she'll be snapped up by some recording label....where do I she is? In America?! Goodluck to her though.

Ms zee said...

see if the producers allowed lay-abouts like me send in text from outside West Africa, she would have won.. The stats dipped in her favour here and Yes some of us outside Nigeria watch the show....

Waffarian said...

Chude, upon all your propaganda? sorry ehn, ndo.

Ifreke said...

Chude,u sef knw say Timi was going to win shey?Anyways,I saw your comment..No vex about that profile thingy o...I just start to dey blog then and I needed a template more like...I will look into cos going into a legal war wit a luminary like u no b small

laspapi said...

"But seriously do you know that people rooted for Timi without even watching the shows?!?!"

Wouldn't you consider THAT trait idol material, Chude?

Anonymous said...

lol you and papi keep going on about this girls legs.. i think i need to see them for myself..

Naija Vixen said...

eya pele!!! Has Laspapi heard ur disclaimer??? ;-)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Blogger-General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria said...

I bin tink say God don scatter the power of idols for de lives of im children finish o... na im I see say disobedience to the 3rd, abi na 4th commandment still dey go on for dis corner... (lol)..

On another note, Oga Chude, u sure say u no dey get crush on that omawumi gal... lol + lol

Waffarian said...

Ah ah! Chude did you read Ifreke's comment before posting it, ehn? hehehehehhehh, laugh wan kill me for here, which one is "talking relationship"? abi, na naija slang wey i no know?

Anonymous said...

Chude,I asked u nt to publish my last comment which contained my number and contact details.Pls try and remove it abegg..

Chude! said...

you be winch o! you know the next day after you called someone commissioned me to interview 7 of the idols or so and then before the end of the week another person commissioned me to interview oma again!!! you be winch!

it does appear so. But Timi is a really, really, really cool guy though. he should go far.

thanks. how come i had never heard of ur blog. really good stuff there. and all my people happen to know that space - so how com i have been in the dark!!lol

yes o, my sister! that girl was awesome!!! how you dey?

ms zee,
that's great to hear!!! how you dey?

bad belle people!!!lol

@ifreke, no yawa!!!

actually it is!!! like TIME said recently, Idol is a VOTING, not a SINGING competition.

abi o. since you sef seem to be blessed in the leg department!!!lol

@naija vixen,
e don see am o!!!!

@blogger general,
Wole don talk am say you are the nuisance of the blogger republic!!!lol. Yes o i used to have small crush on the girl o - e disappear as soon as i see am without all the Idol stylists o!!!lol. Okay that wasnt so nice was it? well, shoot me!!

@waffy, my sista i no read am before i post ooo

my dear, the past two weeks have been crazy for me. didnt read the comments before posting. its after you mentioned this that i went to check what you wrote. have removed it as you can see. will contact you soon sha...


PaydayLoans said...

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