Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Blogsville Idol - See me o!!!

Oh I MUST apologise to my people, Pink-Satin etc who asked me to publicise the Blog Idols thingie ... that was the insane period I wasnt updating, and then I FORGOT!!! I'm just remembering now as I visit Idemmili's blog - how can Idemmili be in a competition, and I am NOT rooting for her!!!!!

So, please guys, participate in the Blogsville Idol competition - vote, vote, vote!!!!


Dipo said...

what's the blog idol all about and how can i participate?

Anonymous said...

chude i think you spent too much time on those nonentities really. and the idol train has left you far behind o. its always a genuine pleasure to read your blog - just thot to tell you that. and no, no names! keep guessing!!

Abi said...

Lol emm..where have u been?? Blog idol ends on sunday..hehe..Idemili was voted off

dolly said...

Aren't you suppose to be studying

Chude! said...

i think i already know you babes!

i swear - it is shameful ignorance!!! shameful

o thou my enemy!lol How you dey? Hope you dey pray for me o?!?!