Friday, June 15, 2007

Vanity Fair - the Africa Edition

I have just bought my own copy of the much talked about (July) Vanity Fair - The Africa Edition, which just came out, and I must say ... it is worth every over-priced dollar.

Every African should get a copy ... it is a collector's item.

It is our collective story, spectacularly told!

P.S: There are actually 20 different covers: regrettably, I only knew that after I bought the magazine, so I bought the Don Cheadle cover. The Oprah one with George Clooney uploaded here is actually my favourite. You could order a specific cover or an edition with all 20 - and you should!!!


Anonymous said...

chude, we dey wait for your update since 19 koro! abeg nah!

Anonymous said...

mr man nobody forced you to open a blog - if you are too busy to update why not close it up and stop promising posts that you NEVER deliver on!

Ijeoma N. said...

Where did you find the new Vanity fair biko??

Chude! said...

@anon 1,
ngwa i don update

@anon 2,
hia! see me see local trouble o!!! you come go hide under anonymous! we dey fight before!?lol

Chude! said...

nne, where hast thou been since o?!?!?!?!?!? I hav missed yoru cvomments! what happened? ngwa send me your email address ozugbo ozugbo so that when next this happens i go fit harrass you! hope you are well sha. where do you live before we go know where you fit get yoru own VF ...