Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Bell is One!!

I can NOT believe that Bella Naija's blog is only just a year old.

It's amazing - but you need to check her blog out now (if you havent already!) and get all the details from her. "You'd have to admit that Nigerian blogging took a new, fun, edgy, classy, entertaining, lovely {I can go on} direction when Bella started blogging."

Bella made me start blogging; she made me even AWARE of blogs - and she does FANTASTIC work. She also has such an amazingly good heart.

Many people are proud of her - and I am happy to join the roll call!


P.S: Oh i see Jeremy has tagged me on Naijablog... gimme a minute!


Anonymous said...

u dey try form sweet guy abi!! LOL

Ijeoma N. said...

hey chude. sorry, you havent been seeing me recently yes I havent been in town but I am back now! Have got a new job that takes SO MUCH of my time!! I read your blog but I no go dey comment as usual... I don get my Vanity Fair but havent had time to read it too! Will send you a mail shortly with myt address. Be good!