Thursday, July 5, 2007

Tagged! Seven Things ...

I was tagged by Jeremy, and would say I thank him for it: I had fun.

Seven Things ...

I wake up every morning and tell myself – I am good person, and I am given to depth. Every morning. It's actually a challenge to self.

I swear by Vanity Fair, Oprah, and Desperate Housewives; and my all time favourite TV shows – Forever Eden, Paradise Hotel, The Practice, Jenny Jones, Tightrope (Nigerian) – are sadly off the air.

I think four of the things that the enlightened world is most hypocritical about are pornography, female orgasms, sexual monogamy and masturbation.

I am a good listener and I look forward to criticism – in turn I am irritated by people who don’t listen. I have many of them as friends. I call it a testimony to my incredible spirit of accommodation that they still are!

I believe that under the right conditions, the human being is capable of anything. Of defacating in an open place after a hurricane (New Orleans), of diverting mosquito nets meant for babies to protect cattle in the midst of a famine (Uganda) and to scoop oil at the risk of being burnt alive to stave off poverty (Lagos, Nigeria). That having been said, I don’t think I could ever deliberately take the life of another person – no matter what.

The only thing I hate more than the hypocritical are the self-righteous.

I’ve only been in love once in my life – and I’m scared it might not happen again.

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Anonymous said...

Am I first?LOL. This is intesting indeed .. I feel you on 5, 4 and 3 - especially 3. But I wont say why! Still would that vbe sexual monogamy or 'monogamous sex'? Or would the two be the same - you are the writer here!

mystoriesmytestimonies said...

why me ooooo....
my first meme...
will do it tomorrow night[ friday]

Anonymous said...

Ijeoma N. said...

Why are you scared you might not fall in again?

exschoolnerd said...

hey chude...thnx for stopping by my blog..i've already attempted this meme...and u can check it out on my blog...prepare to be shocked.

Waffarian said...

Hi guys! A new series is about to start on my blog. Its called " The professional player" and is based on true life events, its crazy and involves me and one of our fellow bloggers! Don't miss it!

Parental advisory: EXPLICIT CONTENT.

Lola said...

update my friend!

Dimeji Alara said...

Huh...Chude, you shouldnt be afraid to fall in love again. dont worry it will happen. We all have issues we are dealing with(for me its been constant depression, trying to find the right one, constant complain from my trainer that i dont eat well and i have lost too much weight...the list is endless) and we all hope to resolve them. But for the time goes on. Cheers

AIVY said...

i'd like to hear your experience on 7

Chude! said...

my dear bro/sis, i am not sure again o!!! But at least we get the gist ...

seen your meme! why cant one comment on ur blog tho?

seen the blog! highly recommended!

but nne you trust me now - if i been wan talk am, i go don talk am join!!lol

I havent seen it ooo

off to check it now!

sparring partner, i've answered your request times two!

I feel you on us all having issues ... and yeah life must go on Oh btw, i am not afraid of falling in love again, i am afraid it might not happen to me again, cos its just not something you can control: you can control having yet another girlfriend, getting married, having sex with a girl ure attracted to - but falling in love is something you cant control and that's what scares me... me and you should talk once i'm in town o!!

hmm... what does thou wanna hear?lol. thanks for dropping in

Jaja said...

nice one..
have gone nearly half way through your blog...

what the hell is female orgasm??

Chude! said...

the fact that ure asking means you should be flogged man!!lol. tyhanks for going thru