Monday, July 16, 2007


Okay, I owe myself the duty of updating you on the Segun Adeniyi, et al debate – whether you want it or not! Especially since Dele Sobowale chickened out and didn’t complete the series in his column yesterday and didn't even think it fit to apologise – see the man talking about personal integrity! For those who know how these things work, since Sobowale published Adio's rejoinder in his column, it is most probable with the threat of a law suit hanging over, the gladiators have reached a settlement … again, talk about double standards! Nothing more nauseating than people who start things they can't finish ...

Just before you lose faith, Waziri Adio’s rejoinder was published in three different papers, and it’s bottomline is refreshing: "He did not 'turn coat". It's a compelling piece. Which is just as well because those who know Mr. Adio call him one of the most decent men around.

Even though I had already made up my mind to break up my three-week laziness and go to church this Sunday, since I was sleeping over out-of-school anyway, I like to think that it was Linda Ikeji’s blog that made the decision for me. The power of writing. Of blogging.

At the time before the modelling celebrity’s blog became popular, when she was still requesting serially for readers, I had argued intensely with a fellow blogger about the seeming simple-mindedness of her blog and how she ‘says too much’ and I remember insisting that the pureness of heart displayed in that space would eventually make her popular in blogsville. Not only was I proved right, my friend is now one of her consistent readers.

Like someone else said recently, Linda’s honesty is intoxicating. For someone like myself who boasts of his openness and wakes up every morning telling myself ‘I am a good person with a good heart’, Linda’s blog gives me a new high to strive towards. She can load the blog with tiring fluff sometimes (!), but I unreservedly recommend Linda’s blog if you haven’t discovered it yet…It might just renew your hope in the human spirit.


Going to church - the Family Worship Center - on sunday was the best thing that could have happened to me. It's so long since I actually went to church and didnt hear something I could be cynical about. It was so refreshing and unexpected, that its impact still has me enveloped. It was a message on love -and it was so beautiful. SOmething that both Christians and non-Christians will learn from. I will buy the CD next and share some quotes.

It is exciting to know that you can go to church and actually learn something. Church can be so cliched and on auto-pilot these days. I always tell people how I ended up at Daystar. My mum had just 'released' me to leave MFM and go to any church of my choice, since I was so unhappy in the former, and I decided to go on a round of churches, that saw me going from This Present House through Redeemed and Fountain of Life, Christ Chapel etc to Daystar finally - where I actually began to look forward to church. With all the others, it was too cliched, and even where I am now, there are some days when I truly wonder...

The joke now is that before anyone can begin to insult my intelligence anyhow, the one hour service at Daystar will be over. It is cynical, but for me, going to church must mean something. It should. I cannot have faith in God in a vacuum: church must fuel that passion, fill a need - if all it does is turn me to a machine, then there's no point.

Ah well, sometimes, 'thinking too much' can be a curse. But being under Pastor Sarah's ministration on sunday renewed my faith in no small way, and I am most grateful to her.


Was just kidding with my gf over the weekend about how she almost hates make up, and then it hit me that actually none of my ex-es used make-up, except for one maybe. And then the thought enlarged as I realized that most of the females in my generation, at least those I know (my generation defined as 18-32), don’t actually wear make-up. I know it is very possible I am either ‘behind time’ or completely off, since I am the last person to talk about issues of style!

But I suspect, especially after talking note of Thisday Style’s new column for young people yesterday, and seeing the marked difference between my generation and the rest, that I am right. And it makes me wonder: it does seem that our generation is minimalist … Moving from the big wigs and ball gowns of those before us, we on the other hand seem to insist that less is more. Like, generally, we don’t see any need to prove a point. Good or bad thing?

Got back to school today and a small rumour had started about my whereabouts, that I am exploiting - and enjoying - to the fullest. I can't share it here, but I can't help but share my amusement in public! Oh, humans can be so shallow! I mean, me and them! Haha...


chicala said...

lol @ in ur own generation. Oh well, maybe its a naija thing sha, i remember being like that b4 too o jare. Before i realised its only plain boring to be simple (my own opinion). Point is............its not the same in other places(overseas). Youngies dont gree for oldies to outshine them o, We show em how its done ni.........infact we dont even have to prove nada.

I cant say its good or bad, it all depends on one's personal style. And yea i also noticed that some naija guys love 'simple', 'humble' girls sha..........................i think.

chicala said...

oh sory jare, after all my ranting, lol. I can see u were refering to when our parents wre younger and not the present oldies, lol. Ok yea i agree we dont overdo stuff like they did.

I remember my mum's old pics of her with extremely obvious make up( as in hot red lipstick and sturvs), lol.

AIVY said...

truly speaking, less is more. with a little make up, you appreciate a girl for who she really is and not who she's made up to be. simplicity is it!!

Anonymous said...

so that means you dont know what lipstick tastes like aye!!!LOL


less is more!! i dont wear make-up, really because im quite lazy and dont even know how to use it anyway, but occasionaly ill do d odd eye shadow if im going for a wedding. but i just cant be bothered.

Ijeoma N. said...

It's like there is a conspiracy this week to make me like Linda o!!! And on the whole journalists in government debate, it really ended as an anti-climax - shamefully. Naija!

Linda Ikeji said...

Chude a million kisses!

mystoriesmytestimonies said...

Daystar @ oregun... was there easter 05..enjoyed the service....

less make-up is better...

u have to read.... 'the purpose driven life' by rick warren.......
...since u want to renew ur faith

please add me to ur prayer list...cos i can see the spirit moving in

enjoy ur week

sTeLlAsGrOoVe said...

chude so u finally have a girlfriend?thank goodness for u.does ur mum know yet?yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Anonymous said...

Hmm... this is really sweet - I agree with you on Linda. Even though it can get too much at times!!

keyboard said...

totally agree with u on linda's blog but as to the thisday style section, dont follow it.. pure rubbish. I work in fashion and was researching nigerian style mags for a company thinking of setting up shop in Nigeria. Thisday sunday style by far the worse,the editor of style section needs to be shown the door.City people does a better job strangely enuff.

Chude! said...

Lol. Okay where do I start? Nowhere! About Naija guys who want the humbloe and simple however - they arer slowly receding into the minority!! Thanks for dropping by

yes i agre with you - even though once in a while a little colour would do o!!lol

I hate anons!!!lol It freaks me out that this could be anybody - so i wont respond o.

Exactly the point! Just cant be bothered is the stance of my generation, like 'wetin concern agbero with overload'? It also means less hypocrisy I think, which is good. how u dey?

SHame really. How work?

Ure welcome babe!

It's a wonderful filling to fall back in sync with one's faith. Incientally, my uncle sent me a text some weeks ago to read Warren's book. Plus you now. Will do after exams for sure. How u dey?

If i talk wetin dey my mouth now dem go say i no get resepect for agbalagba o!lol

Yeah I agree - I even

Yes I have reservbations on Style, bu iti s an incredible successz no matter what. I'd be interested tho in you telling me what makes it rubbish...

ababoypart2 said...

Linda's blog - I echo the same thoughts. Top Girl.

Anonymous said...

I saw these two comments on Bella Naija’s comment page of “This day Concert” and I thought the whole world should know. I love Oprah and the rest of the Artists my aim is just to show Nigerians that it is time we start supporting our own people and make our own country better. Contrary to what Oprah thinks Nigerians are the smartest most intelligent people in this world.


Oprah Winfrey got it wrong

By Our Reader
Published by PUNCH NEWSPAPER: Thursday, 26 Jul 2007

Recently, America’s TV girl, Oprah Winfrey, called on America to sever diplomatic relationships with world’s topmost corrupt countries.

Worst of all the countries, Oprah surmised, is Nigeria.

According to her, “all Nigerians – regardless of their level of education – are corrupt.”

It is very pathetic that Oprah could ascribe to a larger population, the evil act of an insignificant number of persons in the world’s most populous black nation.

Oprah’s conclusion is based on the fact that a Nigerian of Igbo extraction was caught with $500,000, which was alleged to have been stolen from a foreigner through the Internet fraud popularly known as 419.

Oprah had sponsored an hour-long programme, which ran for several days on the CNN, with the sole aim of exposing the clever tricks espoused by this group of Nigerians to con their victims.

Much has been said about the greed of the victims themselves, and I need not say more about it.

However, at a time when Americans are committing heinous crimes against children and women, nobody has tagged all Americans as murderous.

So, why call all Nigerians rogues because of the sin of a few bad eggs?

Oprah regularly tells her life story: how she was sexually abused by close relations, how she ‘walked the streets’ (Americans’ euphemism for prostitution), etc., but nobody has ever deemed it fit to tag all American men as incestuous because of Oprah and others’ experiences.

She did drugs – just like the typical American teenager, but nobody has cast all American youths in the mould of drug abusers!

So, why should an individual that is supposed to know better sentence a nation to odium for the infraction of a tiny fraction of its population?

I urge Oprah and her likes to disabuse their minds about Nigerians.

Be wary of requests for money from strangers, and if you fall for a scam, blame your greed and not Nigerians.

Okoli Vitalis,
Ps: to the owners of the blog I’m sorry for invading your blog. I just felt we Nigerians need to let go of that inferiority complex of American things being way better than Nigerian’s. We need to make our stuff better too if we think it is not up to standard.

Anonymous said...

The trick is the art of make up has been so perfected that if done right one just has a flawless face that looks devoid of make up when it has actually been strategically made up. It's having the desired effect by making you think there is none

Chude! said...

yup! how yiou dey?

I dont think Oprah said Nigerians arent the most intelligentr people in the world - she just said they make a majority of the internet scammers - and Americans should beware.

roger that