Thursday, July 12, 2007

...And Dele Momodu!

Today, Ovation's Publisher, Dele Momodu, reminded me of the reasons many people were - and probably, still are! - disappointed when he left 'serious journalism' for photo-journalism (dont laugh!). Well, it appears Bob Dee is back! With his Pendulum column in Thisday.

I have taken excerpts for those of us who just want the gist in a nutshell...

"Yes, Obasanjo helped him into power. Yes, he wants to remain grateful and loyal. No problem. His mother and extended families have gone to see the Ora farmer to express their total gratitude. That should be enough. Obasanjo himself should realize as a Yorubaman that when we offer goats as sacrifice to Masquerades, we must drop the ropes. For as long as you hold the rope, the ram has not been given to the gods. Obasanjo’s inability to release the rope of power to Yar ‘Adua is heating up our polity again. All men and women of conscience must beg, or force, him to go home and rest in perpetual peace.

"Those of us who don’t appreciate his style are probably in the minority. And history may still be fair to him. He should, therefore, worry less about local politics, or village matters. He should allow his own people to enjoy their palm wine and their wives. He does not need to control the party to be relevant. In fact, it is very demeaning for an international superstar to become a local champion.

"In eight years, we did not get electricity, pipe borne water, good roads, good hospitals, good schools, adequate security, affordable foods, good transport, regular supply of fuel, or kerosene and many other necessities of life…

"We agree that he has a wealth of experience to share with us, but he can do that privately, and at the Council of State meetings. It is too dangerous to put him in the executive chair. Obasanjo is too combustive to sit still at public functions with the President. He will always make Yar ‘Adua feel like his houseboy and may not even allow him to express his personal or official views. The gentleman will always feel intimidated by Obasanjo’s larger than life image.

"President Yar ‘Adua seems a nice and honest man but that alone cannot take him to the promised land."

But of course, you can read the full piece HERE

The piece is titled: Why Yar'adua Must Confront Obasanjo


Anonymous said...

I agree completely with Momodu, as I guess you do too. But I see nothing spectacular about his writing.

laspapi said...

I think Momodu is an extraordinary writer. I had the opportunity to read many of his works years ago. Ovation made me forget his abilities.

exschoolnerd said...

hey u! copy and paste this link in ur browser to see it

Anonymous said...

enough of the politics please! chude, you dex vex us o!! where all ur yarns!

catwalq said...

I am sorry, but Dele Momodu was once a voice to be listened to?
Men, see how the sale of your conscience and your dignity can make you the village idiot. I only thought he was good for attending weddings and glorifying the inexplicable wealth of some in the country.
I mean, this is a man that had the chance to interview the Abachas and instead decided to focus on a wedding that a barely literate girl was having with another northerner whose family wealth's origin was just as murky.

I am sorry if I am ranting but I am pissed.

...toyintomato said...

..great writin, glad to see momodu is back.
i thot he was done with journalism for good.

Chude! said...

I know what you mean sha. There's a villagesquare quality to it, but then that in itself is engaging!

some people say he acquired new 'abilities'!*wink*

ookay!!! seen it. not a lot shocks me, but that one eh!

If na gist you dey fine, you no too need me be that o. Mr. Fineboy get plenty full ground!lol. I am this mood right about now, you'll have to excuse me..

No need to apologise for ranting; you make an excellent point.

yeah, let's thank God dor small mercies!

mystoriesmytestimonies said...

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Eve said...

Never knew the guy could write that good. Why did he leave for that picture thing that made many tailors rich? anyway, thank God he is back, and I think you are handsome.
I'm not flirting

Chude! said...

Awww. Thanks! Who cares if you are flirting? Compliments like this will get you anything!lol Thanks for dropping by. Oh and you did say something about Dele Momodu,

TJ The Actor said...

Naijas sabi hate sha..jealosy. Let Dele Be.. I ain't his fan though.

Obinwanne said...

dede is too biased in his writting, have a look at this: