Saturday, April 28, 2007

One week in Lagos ...

Ookay people,

When I get to Lagos, it is very hard to think or to be 'deep' - one just has to stay afloat dealing with surviving from day to day. FOr those who wonder, I am in Lagos for a couple of weeks for my Law Office attachment. God always had my back, and so He has once again blessed ne with a 'progressive' firm whose young lawyers have no need for sadism, so for the past three days, I've hardly spent more than 8 hours on the whole at the office (for a good cause, for a good cause!). One thing I must say though: their internet is fast! For Nigeria! Though sadly, I now know what other bloggers who work in offices feel since I have to keep watching my back so they dont know that the only 'research' I am doing is to find out whether Idemmili or Bella Naija have updated!!

Have had a bit of fun though doing what I love: talking to interesting people! Had an interview with Genevieve Nnaji last sunday at her very cosy home in Lekki. Homegirl has evolved into something so selfassured and wholesome that it is really, really, really sexy. And with a new size 8 figure to boot - she was smoking! Her interview was also refreshingly mature ... she has become a real star; someone who now knows what she's about - such a contrast to Omosexy (my big mouth!) I have to say - and I did ask her about the Omotola and her responses were explosive! Sadly, I cannot give you any details cos its for a new magazine that flew me into town for the interview - and these are guys I want to continue working with; so you have to wait till it comes out!!

On wednesday, I interviewed another really engaging character: Obi Asika, who's chairman of Storm (for the clueless, that guys that released Dare's album and the guys that did Big Brother Nigeria). This is the second time I am interviewing Obi, and so I knew to gird my loins cos Obi can taaaaaaalllllllkkkkkkkk! But it's always so much fun to talk with him cos he's so easy to talk to. Obi's humility just ... humbles me. His ability to connect with all and sundry and to respect the craft of every person he meets is truly amazing. He re-affirms that one doesnt have to be a shark to swim with the sharks and to get ahead of them. He's also one of the truest hip hop heads I know, so as usual he let me into some of the new songs and videos from Ikechukwu, Sasha, Naeto C and Jimmy Jatt ... meeeennn, there's a new guy he's bringing out that's MASSIVE and there's a new song from Naeto which will ROCK Lagos. Again can't tell any of what we discussed, but you will see it when it comes out, trust me!

Anyways, talking with him finally made me feel back AT HOME, with the Lagos crowd. Even though that doesnt mean I still dont hate Lagos.

So, you might want to ask, why did I decide to do my attachment in Lagos? 3 reasons: two silly (to you) and one very serious.

Number 1: A girl.
Number 2: Food
Number 3: I was getting so bored and depressed I WAS heading towards a nervous breakdown, and I'm not kidding.

Dont ask! Lemme just say, it's great to be in familiar turf.

Don't ask me about the elections. All I will say is that the only results that really SHOCKED me was that of Oshiomhole. And INEC Chairman, IWUruwuru is the most SHAMELESS and AUDACIOUS failure Nigeria has ever been cursed with, scoring himself 80 percent! The miserable f...! (I apologise to those who feel offended, but this is actually an euphemism for what I really think of that man) Is there anyone close to him who could please give him a smack for me?!

Anyway, I refuse to be upset about Nigeria. The elections have come and gone. Today's elections were basically a non-event, Yar'adua is President-Elect. Let's now begin to work on strenghtening democratic structures ... what do you think?

On to fluffy and irrelevant stuff (hey but this is MY web-log OKAY?!), have something of an all-night date this night, even though the real date I wish isn't happening yet but I'm keeping the fingers crossed!!

How was your week?


Anonymous said...

Na u dey enjoy o..interview the movers and shakers of lagos!na u biko-lol

Anonymous said...

i'd luv to hear wat she said abt omosexy tho..but since u wanna keep ur job..i'll allow u..

Mandy Brown-Ojugbana said...

love your blogs im still disturbed by the gay bill has it been passed?one of my gay friends is still unsure of moving back home because of it.also wondering if you have a link for dares music?

Seun said...

Chude!!!! If Iwu catch you eh!

Osa said...

“Let's now begin to work on strenghtening democratic structures ... what do you think?”

For sure mate, we are singing similar tunes… you are back to where the action is “Lagos”, How nice! I hear ABJ is really boring o.
See as u yab Iwu.. the guy do wetin him fit do now…lol
What are your takes on Ribadu becoming the next IG of Nigeria?
Good luck on the gig.


hey Chude, if IWUruruwu ctach u i no dey o!!!!!!!!!

kinda looking forward to him being IG u know, think hes one of the few decent ones left! my thought.

dolly said...

I know who u are......Yipeee

as for blogging in the office u won't get caught, u just have to be careful, I think you should know who I am

ababoypart2 said...

Nice one Chude - The interview with Storm sounds interesting. Your magazine, where can one get it?

Onyeka said...

Good mark, man! You are in Lagos for what? Blogging? Well, I was wondering why you keep on blogging about this election? Uh, I don't know, but having lived in India, I would like to tell you something: only Gandhi and Nehru families talk about the elections! LOL. I mean it. You can imagine Sonia Gandhi winning the prime ministerial seat and instead of ruling, allows Dr. Manmohan Singh, a Sikh and a former finance minister to lead the coalition government. Bet me, it's not a crime if Obasanjo 'pops' in his predecessor. I'm his apologist! He doesn't want Buhari to come and change everything he has laboured for!

Chude, you are a creative writer, I guess! Please give us that part and let these horrible politicians rest! Oshiomole lost because he was destined to loose.

The gods choose the leaders, I'd told you.

Again, enamerica where i come from, we don' play this sherry, derry polirics you guys play here!


uknaija said...

Bros, e ku gbadun o!

Idemili said...

Interesting... So you won't talk about the magazine?What about us now, who no dey naija?

Anyway, keeping my ears open later in the month for the all night date.

Chude! said...
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Chude! said...

@pink satin,
na to make money o!!!lol

GREAT to see you on my blog! Well done! I think there was a stalemate on the Bill. All is well. There are plenty of gay people in Nigeria living their lives, once they dont wear it on tehir heads, they're fine (and I know my head will be on the chopping table for this!)

@ seun,
na him sabi. I will give him a piece of my mind. I have no respect for him. Where you dey since? And WHERE is Ijeoma N. o??????

@ Osa,
funny enough. I dont really like Ribadu. Too much self-righteouness for me. I prefer the brilliant mix of emphathy, creativity and positive compromise that has kept Dora Akunyili effective over a long period. But he is better than most of the officers we have so ... roger that!

@36 Inches,
Welcome back to my blog o!!!1 where you dey since?!?!?!

HELP me people! The hot girl in the office who I wanted to blog about has found my blog!!! What am I gonna do?!?!lol. We'll see tomoro ... How was worker's day?
(That's assuming I'm right and you are who I think you are!lol)

its not my magazine o. Its just one of the mags i freelance for. This is their debut edition but I think it will be HOT. Will tell you once its out.

@onyeka onye america,
Try as you can, it is impossible to be in Nigeria, to LIVE in Nigeria, have a conscience or at least a heart and not be affected by the electyions, try hard as I have to be unconcerned. I dont poarticularly feel proud of this country, but I'm stuck with it. But dont worry, this storm is passing - I'm already back to the gists you see!!!

Ese o. Adupe o. Awa n try ni o!!! Bawo ni?

dont worry I will post when the mag comes out. Keeping your ears open? Who told you I will talk about it!!! E be like say you don sabi me finish: i dey fear o!!!lol

mystoriesmytestimonies said...

i like genny nnaji...
please let us know when the magazine comes out .... will love to read the interview

Anonymous said...

so are you basically telling me that you cant give me the real koko behind the interview.. chude i'm not feeling that at all at all.. lol.. just kiddin.. luv genevieve.. i think she's the best of the all actresses her age... rita dominic is a close second...(sorry but i dont really like ini edo.. dont know what she's on about most of the time)lol.. i think you went back for the food and the girl(oya confess!)greatwriteup

Chude! said...


i never saw tihs your post o! sorry. yeah, Genevieve is amazing.

Thanks for dropping by! Buy the magaxine now so you can see!!!lol. I too dont see what ini edo is about. and yeah you are right about the food thingie! how u dey? cheers