Wednesday, April 25, 2007

So sorry o...


I am so sorry I havent responded to the comments.

As those who follow the blog know, this always happens when I am back in Lagos! I've spent my whole life driving! I can't even breathe! Okay I won't lie, in the midst of all the madness, i was almost losing my mind, and so me and my pals, Emilia and Bola, took out time yesterday to see a movie at the galleria yesterday, but that's the only pause I've had since I came, and even that was sha because we wanted to avoid the hold-up back to the mainland! Na wayas

Will be able to catch my breath tomorrow to reply mails, post something new and respond to comments.

Oh and in related matters, it appears BabaAlaye is back on the block!!!!(lol)

Cheers all!

And all hail the new President-elect, 'Umoru'!



michael akiode said...

hey whats up am examy just like u anyways i just want to say good work i really love ur blog.
ur write ups and ur views nice one bruv.later.

archyra.always learn to love

omohemi Benson said...

You are in lagos?
Haba,you know even holla at your home girl.
How long are in town for?

exschoolnerd said...

hey have u been?..what movie did u see?

Chude! said...

thanks michael. this is very heartfelt and i appreciate it man. thanks. do drop in again.

My sister sorry o - Lagos swallows its people. I tell you: driving has become the BANE of my life! In the meantime, you wan buy me lunch give me firsthand gist?

hey babes. how you dey? It was Perfect Strangers. Knew that with some luck I would see some Halle Berry skin - and I was right! Voila!(lol)