Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Fantastic Day, Amala Olaiya et al

Today was a FANTASTIC day ... Oh I'm LOVING Lagos!!! I'm saying this so that I will be committed to blogging about it. (lol)

Did I tell you guys that I was sent away from thh office yesterday because I wasn't putting on a tie?!?! If only they knew that the tucked in shirt and shoes actually took all the effort in the world ... me aladire activist?! It seems like the battle between me and the legal establishment has just begun!!!

By the way, I am officially an addict of Olaiya's Amala. I have been going there EVERYDAY since I came back, yeeee!!

Hope those in Nigeria had a nice worker's day?


laspapi said...

Amala Olaiya? Chude, you've been jazzed o!! Look at the strange types selling you food when next you're there and be afraid.

Now that I've put fear in you, may I introduce you to my own joint, "White House" at Sabo?


haaaaaaaa i was round dat area yesterday not to eat amala though i dont do such *cough*

dolly said...

Amala Olaiya.... lol
that's my best food, my own joint too is at White house @ Sabo

Chude! said...
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Chude! said...

I didnt tell you, my law office is at the law union building so white house is the place for lunch whether i like it or not!!! We should jam there soon? if not of course we will see at the
May 13 oplay abi?!

lmao @'be afriad'

@six inches,
na me you dey try decieve? you sure say it was you that i was staring at (who says staring is rude. tufia!) yesterday?!lol

The Castle of the Writer said...

Nwanne m nwoke, why did you have to disgrace me? LOL. You should have known before now that you needed to put on your tie, or were you expecting Tony Blair to come and do that for you.

Well man. You were at the Lagos Book Fair last year, I guess? Good, I saw you and I know you can't drift away.

Well, keep up the good work and let me go and have some...hapu ya like that!


Calabar Gal said...

I presume you're on your Chambers Attachment now. Mine was BORING at Babatope's Chambers some years back!!!

Chude! said...

Lol. Oyi'm is it my fault that I bohemian in my dress sense (bohemian, by the way, excluding such interpretations as 'lacking in style', 'ungentlemenly' and other further and better particulars hereinafter referred to in the negative)?!?!?!!!lol

You know I cant drift away???? Ngwa, decode!

SO who are you Mister - man, reveal thyself - I went to ya blog to check but nutting dey dia o!!!!!!!

@calabar girl,
my sister e no easy o. E boring no be small. And then the clowns come this morning and say we must start to sign attendance!!!!!!!!! And heere was i thinking saying they were progressiove. Meanwhile down the road, my friends are told only to come twice a week. and these young men in this chamber want me to come everyhday - even tho there is nothing to do!!!! How you dey sha? Some years back, you say - how many, dear lady?!?!lol

(this is for the benefit of that irritable young man (or woman?) who accused me oof not replying all my comments anmd who doesnt know that some things are TOO good for blogsville!!!!) I have already offered to underwrite your next Amala meal next week during lunch break in person. Thanks for saying yes!!!!lol

omohemi Benson said...

dem pursue you because of tie!
Na wah for this legal one tin, two tin.
You this boy you dey go ile alamala,you don hear styl plus iya basirat song?
Careful o! ehen!

Idemili said...

I did continue Chude, I'm not mad at you. It's after the poem when you scroll down.

akin aworan said...

You were sent home for not wearing a tie? Which kin nonsense be that?? Guess it goes with the territory..

Chude! said...

i don hia you o!!!!

O I know youre not mad. And I have actually seen that one, bnut that post that takes us back makes me so hungry for the next!!

Unfortunately. thanks for dropping by!

dimeji alara said...

hmmm... hey Chude, nice blog. Funny enough i also ate amala today, with goat meat...hmmm

Calabar Gal said...

Time flies come to think of it - mine was in 2001. So its been 6yrs already.

BabaAlaye said...

I love Olioya's Amala. Jazz and all.

Naijadude said...

My brother, go buy tie now...no worry I go ask "kabiru" to 'join' one together for you hahaha!
Hows ur work going??

Ayoappeal said...

Nice Blog you gat here, good to know you are in Lagos now for your Chambers Attachment, i'm really happy for you.
Well about the tie thing, i feel you should start familiarising your self with it, cos it has to definitely become part of you as long as you want to remain within that chamber,
oopppss, can't remember any time i say you in tie before, Funny....
Keep eating your amala abeg, it shows the simplicity and humility of a young achiever like you.


Anonymous said...

lmao.. youre funny

Chude! said...

lol. how you dey?
@calabar girl,
na wayas. i praise you o!lol

in fact, tghe 'jazzer' the better! thanks for dropping by!

dem send you abi? I sure say dem send you to me! kai!lol how you dey sha?

thanks man. how you dey?

Chude! said...

u think?LOL. thanjks for dropping in

angel said...

Chei!!!Stella dimokokorkus called you funmi Iyanda's boy-boy!Abeg no gree for am-o!Fire her back!

laspapi said...

chude- dont listen to all these people telling you to continue with Olaiya's amala. The food there is armed and dangerous... And expensive. WHite house gives you ambience, open air seating if you so desire, and the exclusivity of, ahem, multi-chaired tables indoors.

As for my junior at the bar, Calabar Gal, and you, my "learning" colleague, God bless you

Ah beg, Chude, I don't give a &*(^ who Stella dimoko...(whatever is), don't engage in trading words with anyone. Let it be.

Chude said...

@ angel,
I never get stella time!!!! Thanks for dropping in. how you dey?

lol. check out my latest post,. you dont need to warn me too much! I am all for White House now o!!! lol @ my learnin colleague. E no easy