Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What is WRONG with these people!

Right now, I am SO pissed off at these lame policticians masquerading as Presidential Aspirants. I am SO sorry, but they are pissing me off with all this whining and complaining ... I cannot believe that NONE of them can see beyond their noses. I guess this is why they say role models shouldnt go into politics, because even the ones I hold in such high esteem are PISSING me off!!!

They are asking for postponement of elections? What utter rubbish! The only person who has the moral ground, if at all, to ask for any of that is Atiku Abubakar, because of the late start he's had!

The others are just failures looking for somewhere to hinge blame for their woes. I respect politicians who are able, like Tokunbo Afikuyomi in Lagos, to acknowledge thier own limitations - but it would seem that when people get into politics they lose all sense of proportion. They refuse to accept that success in business and industry does not translate into success in winning votes!

The truth is, as it stands, NONE of the Presidential candidates can beat Musa Yar'adua. The PDP has worked HARDER than any of them in mobilisation, it has more structures (i.e. people, loyalists, patronage) in more states. Without rigging, the PDP will win this presidential election. Listen to that again: without rigging, PDP WILL win these elections. Just as without rigging they won in Delta, just as without rigging, they won in Ogun. Just as without rigging, Fashola won in Lagos, even though his principal Tinubu mis-governed the state.

Newspaper posturing, great ideas and grand oratory don't win people over; if they did Al Gore should have swept the polls without needing to wriggle his waist over Florida. If bad governance made people vote out incumbents, then George Bush would be back to ruining the family businesses by now!

Politics is about SELLING your ideas to the people. It's not enough that PDP has failed. People still stick with the devil they know. I know what I'm saying: I worked during the elections 2003, and I know that - sadly - Obasanjo won that election free and square. People voted for him cos he was the only popular alternative.

It is a silly, silly arrogance to expect that because you are a 'good' person or you have a 'blueprint' or a 'masterplan', then people should run to the polling booths and vote for you without marketing yourself or communicating this fact to them. If it was all a matter of being the best candidate then we could as well go and sit down and allow people select the 'best candidates' for us every four years. But this is democracy, dammit. You have to go out there and sell yourself to the people: they must buy into your plans, you must be able to convince, to persuade, to connect.

What I expected these candidtates to have done by now is forge a friggin alliance - and time is going people! I had thought by now they would have reaslised that none of them is force enough YET to defeat PDP, and humble themselves if truly they want change rather than fooling around with over-sized, misguided egos!

In the US, even a manic liberal like Michael Moore led a liberal coalition to vote for John Kerry instead of their first choice, Ralph Nader, because it didnt make sense to stick to your selfish guns and then lose the bigger war.

That is practical! As it is, of course Pat Utomi is one of my favourite candidates. The other being Atiku (many people want to cut my head off anytime i say that, but if you are open-minded enough to listen to me, you will understand, some other time though).
However, sadly, Pat Utomi hasnt gathered enough wind even though he has worked extrahard, and Atiku is viewed unfairly as a corrupt politician. People have sympathy for his cause but they are not voting for him nader. It is the sad truth I thought that Atiku new, smart strategist that he is. Sadly, his ego is about to do him in. It is so sad!

It is STUPID for instance that just because Atiku and Buhari for instance don't trust each other, they are ready to march separately into an election they are sure to lose. It is stupid for Ojukwu to cling on to Igbo votes just to show that he is still relevant when he can protect the Igbo cause better by attaching himself to either Atiku or Buhari, both of whom have Igbo deputies - since he claims he is all about the interest of Igbos.

If all these candidates really did care about Nigeria or about 'their people', and keep saying PDP is the evil to be removed, then they should be ready to put biases aside and then work together for this 'common good' of dislodging the PDP. It is extremely, abundantly, completely, utterly stupid to match into these elections, after all the money spent, doomed to fail - when together they (and us) stand to benefit more.

If Atiku, Ojukwu, Pat Utomi, and Kalu align with Buhari, THEN they well win this election. Kalu will come with Abia votes, Ojukwu will bring all the Igbo votes, Pat Utomi will bring that of all educated youth (operative word: educated) especially students, and Atiku will bring Lagos, Adamawa and Edo at least. Joined to Buhari's ANPP states, the core north, and those here and there who love his sound policies and clean record, he will beat Yar'adua. Any other way, these suckers lose!

Excuse my language people, but this election - our lives! - is just days away, and these people refuse to smell the roses!!!!! What is WRONG with them?!


My Talking Beginnings said...

It is dire i tell you, dire! Do these people not hire the necessary people to the thinking for them?

Waffarian said...

What is wrong with them? Ehn, let me help you out bros, one word, GREED.They do not want to share. They rather lose than share the big "jackpot" together.

Lola said...

Chude, Chude, i'm surprised you're getting suckered into all of this propaganda and ish. even the "candidate" you like or would prefer ain't worth ish. politics in nigeria is not even remotely close to the masses. the people don't get to pick anyone, someone is foistered upon them and like good nigerians, we do the best to assimilate. call it the blind religiousity of ours. accept and go and cut your cassava for the garri you're having for dinner. end of story.

fashola didn't win lagos without rigging. did you see those numbers?!?! something's fishy there. fashola 800,000+, obanikoro 400,000+, agbaje 100,000+. i mean REALLY........c'mon. just like the population for lagos is 12mil (abi what was it again?) and kano is like 19mil.......PLEASE..... +

no one knows what's really going on in this country!

Wole's Girl said...

You are so right and on point.

Utomi thinks its faith and good works alone that will clinch the prize of the leadership, someone should tell him that the kingdom of God and that of the one on earth are not one and the same....

If its not broken, dont try to fix it...however, if it has cracks, strain and bursting at its seams, get a new one...or some serious superglue and RE-WORK your strategy.

I have some two kobo for each one of them, but I couldnt put it better than you right now....
Meanwhile, I have been straining to keep silent since about this your novel position, but i have to admit im now officially blue in the face...
Pray tell chude,
apart from being the inadvertent poster boy for a symbol of political freedeom,
why doth thou endorse A-stinku this much?

tounb said...

Yar'dua or wateva his name is needs to go rest in some old peoples home somewhere in yaba!...i'M so over all this old and futile politicians!...Block heads like them that i'm sure will find it hard to read the constitution...

Idemili said...

*Folding my arms and shaking my head*

laspapi said...

Chude, have you been eating magic mushrooms?

You say Atiku is 'viewed unfairly as a corrupt politician'. Unfairly? That man? Let's not deceive ourselves. He'a a far cry from the customs officer he was that stopped 53 suitcases entering the country illegally when Buhari was head of state. Obj's motives might be more malevolent but Atiku will set us back 20 years.

Yes, PDP will win. Utomi doesnt stand the chance of a Virgin at the Marina after midnight. Unfortunately for him, 'educated' youths aren't enough in Lagos to swing votes. Ask Jimi Agbaje. The educated hate discomfort, weigh the sun against the cool living rooms with DSTV and pray for their candidate (from home).

Buhari is no different from Atiku, Kalu will probably score more votes than Ojukwu and yes PDP controls the machinery of state, a very useful weapon when elections are near.

Our politicians cannot afford to be high-faluting like Utomi is. 'Super Story' and the drivel, 'papa ajasco' sell because they appeal to the uneducated majority. So does PDP.

Idemili said...

I could have sworn I left a comment on here...

Anyway, since elections started, it's only pride that has kept me admitting I am a Nigerian!

Anonymous said...

I am at a loss os words concerning 9ja politics.God has to come down and help that nation!

Onyeka said...


Good post, I think. Something we really understand is this: a leader is chosen by the gods and it's through man that the gods choose him. Yar'Adua has been chosen by the gods (maybe by Amadioha)and it's through Obasanjo that the gods have decided to bring him out.

Prayer can't solve anything (either way round, I don't believe in prayers!)

When Utomi showed his interest to run for president, I took him as a contender (and not a pretender) But his propaganda wasn't different from that of Yar'Adua and Kalu (because he didn't engage in grammatical syntax)

YAR'ADUA: There is no two way about it...(said this during one of his broadcasts on TV. Donno if it's correct, but hope it's)

KALU: I am a guy who 'love' democracy...people 'has' seen what I have done in Abia...(he did say this!)

Utomi broke the jinx! Of course, anyone can make a mistake, but unintelligent people are easily dictators, because they won't know which way to go.

Rigging or no rigging, Yar'Adua is going to be our president and not even God can stop him. Bet me!

For Ojukwu, I wonder! This Biafra thing is getting into his head! Someone should buy Major Madiebo's The Nigerian Revolution and the Biafran War and read how Ojukwu shot a fellow army officer! He's a dictator and I personally, even as an Igbo man don't want him. Period!

By the way, enamerica where i come from, polirics is no' somering a rich man struggles for! Ha-ha!

I'm not voting anyone, and I know someone must win. Someone chosen by the gods!


BabaAlaye said...

I'm glad Chude, that at least a few people can stand up and think for themselves without re-cycling stuff they read in the Newspapers written by ignorant fcuks.Same for the News media. Keep on with that and You're going places son.

I do not agree with everything you said, but most of it is on point.

@ Laspapi: You are so right sir, couldnae put it better meself.

Chude! said...

From my experience, these people hardly listen to anyone. And those who do, surround themselves with nincompoops, it's the typical Nigerian boss syndrome: surround yourself with people who wont make you feel threatened. You got it right: it is dire.

You forgot to add STUPIDITY! Thanks for dropping in

I actually typed a LOOOONG reply for you, but decided not to publish, because the post amply shows that I am not 'suckered in by the propaganda'. Fashola rigged yes, but only to get a wider margin to humiliate the PDP. He was the popular choice - and I say, sadly. How you dey? Got my mail?

Chude! said...

LMAO @ Ojukwu. Seriously though, Utomi really, really disappointed me. A brilliant man like him should have had better strategy or even any strategy! I will do a post about Atiku soon, and then (hopefully) everyone will understand my soft spot for the man.

u vex pass me o!lol. This anger is good though. Complacency is the enemy.

"Our politicians cannot afford to be high-faluting like Utomi is. 'Super Story' and the drivel, 'papa ajasco' sell because they appeal to the uneducated majority. So does PDP. " You said in this paragraph what I struggled to say in the entire post. You couldnt have said it better!
LOL, LOL, LMAO @ the Virgin in Marina. As usual, you are the master of pun! Ps: Like I said to Wolesgirl, I will blog about my 'soft spot' for Atiku soon.

You did o. Na comment mod catch you. And roger that on pride and the Nigerian identity.

someone said it sometime ago and I think I agree: God might have left us alone. I mean, hasnt He tried enough?!?!

LOL Onyeka,
Ok this post makes me eager to go read your blog, and I'm doing so rirraway!

thanks. i think the biggest problem with the nigerian media is their consuming comfort with being uncritical. no rigour at all. 'welcome back' to blogsville!

Ez'aha said...

this z the most interesting piece i ever read on the just concluded word- BRILLIANT. Now that z a MAJOR compliment cos they were LEGION.My only snag was d fact that you are for Atiku. I really dont care who you are for or against but as a result of too much politicking in school, i have learnt that some certain very priviledged people should not publicly declare for or against any of the aspirants and U Chude happen to be one of them (Aaah i just hate you and im so jealous) Ok just kidding, i look forward to meeting you and as naturally as possible lol. That said, truth is, we all knew Yar'Adua and his catastrophic cattarh was going to win but we just voted for the others just because we had a conscience that would have pricked us had we done otherwise. i just had to vote Agbaje here even though i knew that Fashola would win. Moreover it felt good to vote especially as i had just joined the exclusive 'eligible to vote' class lol. Chude arent you, for the love of that your date watching Idols WA lol

Chude! said...

hi ez'aha,
Thanks thanks thanks for all this plenty praise o!!! Which one be meeting me as naturally as possible? Abeg decode!!!! And wetin concern my date with Nigerian Idol o?!??? Thanks for dropping by sha. I enjoyed reading your post plenty!!