Monday, February 26, 2007

What's Hot, and What's Even Hotter!

"Back in Law School, down with a cold, trying to adjust and bored as hell" - That's the story of my life right now!

Anyways sha, that hasn't stopped me from being SO passionate about a lot of things right now - and angry too! - but I'm here wondering which of those opinions I should torture you with first!

In the meantime, I am SO feeling 2face's See Me So right now. I listened to it no less than a hundred times (no exaggeration) over the weekend. Forget his bad grammar, that guy is deeeep.

Will blog about why I think so before the week ends. But after weeks and months of cynicism, I must say that his sophomore album (apart from the silly skit!) runs on so much depth I just want to hug him and say 'Thank you'!

Speaking of music, West African Idols is IT!!! I thought BBN (Big Brother Nigeria Nigeria) was the best thing ever to happen to TV here? Well, I didnt reckon with this! I was SO scared our Idols would be such a disappointment, but I am so glad to tell you that the show ROCKS!

First, I am glad to report that we do have our own version of young colourful characters (read zany!), and the auditions were hilarious. My friend Mike Magic I was scared was going to flop (going by his AMBO record) but he is just great. Plus we do have so much talent in Nigeria it makes me proud (some of the singing gave me chills), and the production quality of the show is international Idol standard - I am so proud to say!

The judges are FANTASTIC! Of course, ever since I had Dede on New Dawn with Gbolahan (MyTalkingBeginnings) and Funmi interviewing (or rather Dede attacking) some new music group some two years ago, I have always said anytime Idols comes to Nigeria, Dede must be Simon! He's great on the show.

Dan Foster, I was getting ready to hate him, but he is SO my favourite! He has that happy-go-lucky feel of Randy Jackson, but with so much more depth. And he is really, genuinely nice. And his face is So fun to watch! Sometimes he is the forgiving grandfather, the caring elder brother: he makes great TV.

Nana is good for contrast, though I'm not too fond of her. Bella Naija says she's better than Paula Abdul, and I say no - give me Paula anyday; she makes great TV! Nana tries to prove too much that she understands music ... but she doesnt! At least Paula doesnt pretend to; and spends more time polishing her wit. But that having been said, them three are great together on the show.

I don't agree with A LOT of their decisions though: there are some people they didnt allow through that i thought 'WHAT?!', there were some who they allowed through which i thought was really REALLY wrong, and I am upset that they are 'discriminating' against root Nigerian music in favour of R&B, but hey that's my opinion. I am sure if I was a judge, A LOT of people would disagree with me. Music, afterall, is really a matter of 'I like. I dont like'. Plus there were some people who could sing, but i really am not sure I want to see their faces on a constant basis! So there.

But oh I so wish I was in Lagos and in the thick of things right now! And I so envy those judges!!!!! Some people have accused me of being bitchy when I analyzed the BBN housemates on the show last year, and I only laughed at them because they dont realize that was me at my tamest! (Lol). Put me on Idols, and I'll show Simon how to be NASTY!!!

All this is just to say: great show, great great great show. You should see it. Bella Naija has some clips on her blog - so you can check that out.

By the way, you can (finally!) check up "The Future... Awards" Winners After-Party pictures on ...


Anonymous said...

Hey Chude,

This is an unusual request but I hope you can help. I just gathered from ur blog that you are in the Nigerian law school.

Did you just begin this January?As in do they have admissions in January? Also, must all students stay on the campus?

I am in the UK & contemplating going to the law school in Abuja but I have been trying to find out if it has a website or even what the law school contact address is but I cant get anything helpful. I would be pleased if you can at least help me by answering the questions above. Thanks.

omohemi Benson said...

You like Dede?
Well what can I say?
I think he tries to hard to be Simon
he is a pain.

No comment on Nana yet.
Love the Big dog,Dan Foster.

Naijadude said...

I tried the freaking best I can to find out about going to Law school in Nigeria as well, but dang!

Nice blog you have there gentleman, do I wanna leave a comment heck yeah! but the thing too long, lol... Pardon my french but I do hate Dede or whatever his name is...he's rude and freaking annoying! dang!!!
Anywyas I would love ur take on that Nigerian Law sch jare...either ways have a great week!!

Ijeoma N. said...

Funny that no one apart from BOA, sympathised about your break-up? Why should we, with ex-es overflowing everywhere!

Plus I'm sure you could always have your pick of them girls! When next I'm in town, I'll see if I can also become one of your ex-es sometime soon! And I'm pretty o - since that is obviously your type!Lol

Anyways, wetin you do Soul - the girl has it in for you! Even after shutting her up with those well-targeted responses, she still doesnt get it, does she?

Sorry about your cold sha.

Chude! said...

Okay Anonymous and Naijadude,

Really I am the wrongest person to ask these stuff, because after lectures I live in my own world on this campus, so I had to ask around, that's why this is coming late.

There are 4 campuses. If you are from outside Nigeria, you can choose your campus. Living on campus in Abuja, Kano and Enugu is comulsory (but of course ;oyinbo' people like you not used to NEPA and our bukas still come from outside, even though in Abuja that's a lot of stress since thc ampus is far away from town) but in Lagos, staying on campus is not compulsory because there is not enough accomodation.

My session started in October, but a session started before mine at about April which did its exams in January (while we were away on Court Attachment) - this shuffling has to be done to be able to cope with the number of students.

Anyways sha, most importantly - a new session begins in April. You can ger ALL the information about that on

Hope this helps? Any other questions, hit me up!

P.S: Naijadude, post your long comments - I will read!

Anonymous said...

chude, wot's up? it's me Femi adeleye (x-may, 2000 set). well i think i can say i enjoyed every bit of the west african idols. i just wish i was a part of it, got knocked out at the preliminaries. i should visit this blog more often it seems like fun. u can holla at me on my ad;, catch up on old times.

Anonymous said...

from the humble beginnings of little chude that we all used to know so well. to this international naijadude phenomenom, known simply as mr. chude. well my young friend kudos your doing a great job. ok enough of the hailings. chude my man how are you? before you start wondering who this is 'cos i aint go tell, just know its one of your biggest fans and nemisis in the the same vein. we went to lag and law school together so you should at least know i do indeed know you. whatever happened to our in house joke of mama cho.aha the noose tightens around my neck. hey chudes keep on doing what your doing and please follow the orders of your nysc instructors in lagos. if you do, you might just shed a bit of that bounce around your waist. alright im out of here. i'l probably holla at you some other time.