Friday, February 9, 2007



Don't I just feel So loved. (Excuse me a minute whilst I wipe my eyes!), but thanks for taking out time to read that LONG piece (of course I knew it was long!)

Thanks to Jeremy for plugging it for me to the max, and of course Bella the queen of the bloggers! Thanks everyone for dropping, and thanks for saying you'll come back again!

Styl Council especially, something tells me you and me are going to have some fun in what BabsBeta calls BlogNgVille. And you know the funny thing, i was JUST thinking, like on monday, on what me and my guys could do with this whole new blog zone (for one its a PR person's heaven that we haven't tapped into yet! Do you know how many people read Jeremy and Bella daily for instance?!) - so let's keep talking! And no I didnt see that episode, but I can imagine it; that is SO Tyra!

Im, i'm based in Abuja now o! Boring-as-hell Law School remember? So i'm like the last person to help you get the tickets. Plus I'm not too sure the thingie is holding, at least not as scheduled.

Who is that person calling me a Dare groupie? You must be Gbemi's friend cos only Gbemi calls me that. Dont blame her though, I actually happen to think Dare's one of the most talented people I know.

Laspapi thanks for being the first to 'show support' By the way, the interview with FI was deep!Lol. And can anybody please reveal the long-awaited identity of Baba Alaye?!?!?!

Planned to post two things now, but I just got back from court today. Today was the last day of the BOOOORING Court Attachment (How on EARTH did RMD, Emem Ema, Ebuka and Tamilore Kuboye and the others survive this?!?!?!) and the judge decided to use today of all day's to give a long boring lecture on the beauty of the legal profession (5 Days after I FINALLY made up my mind not to practice law after a soul-killing day in the court!).

The next few days will be hell: have to pack this night, be at the airport first thing in the morning, and then have the make-or-break date with my girlfriend, where I will find if she will so remain after that date on sunday (PRAY for me!), and then of course if I come out the lucky guy, you do remember what wednesday is right? Aha. So there's all the strategising and spending to do (It's a cliche, but I love this particular year-in-year-out cliche!) Then interviews scheduled all through the week and then the palaver of "The Future..." Awards Winners After Party holding next weekend at the Miccom Gold Resorts.

But I will post before tomorrow ends, just after I brush the pieces up: one has a bit too much 'egomania' I think (Lol) and the other is a bit too long, so Babs dont worry!

Once again, thank you ALL for posting comments and see you when I post tomorrow!


P.S: Anna Nicole Smith finally kicked the bucket - and in the midst of all this 'I must be the father by force' controversy? Anyways, its our culture not to speak ill of the dead, so ... let's wait a few days!


Nilla said...

Welcome to blogsburg as I like to call it!

Lola said...

Chude! welcome to blogging oh, i hope you don't give up on it anytime soon and make sure you update often!

Chude! said...

Thank you o Lola. I will try! I will try!

Ijeoma N. said...

Chude! Who is this 'lucky' gaaaal?!!!?

Chude! said...

Look at this 'Anonymous' woman! You've not heard that too much information is just that - too much information?!!!!