Monday, February 19, 2007

One Week in Lagos!!!

Okay, so its gist time ...

I am a sucker for real-life drama, and obviously so are a lot of you, so here’s a dose of real life; the make-or-break meeting with Miss Girlfriend? Well, the ‘break’ happened! I’m not going to tell you the why and how, because she has ‘warned’ me not to over-blog about it so that “no one kills me o!”; even though that no one who actually sees her will want to do any of that: she’s one of the prettiest things on earth, that’s apart from being one of the TV personalities that people like to like (that’s all the clues you’re getting, sorry!)

But suffice it to say that it’s amazing what we allow fear and doubt do to us – control us, define us, and maybe consume us. And I am talking about myself too. I don’t think the reality of it has dawned yet though cos I’m still not feeling all the doom and gloom yet – maybe cos we still talk like everyday? But I will miss her sorely. Much more than she things. If only she knew …

So how was my Val’s Day? Well I sent off a small thingie, but had to cut out all the other grand ideas for the day (now, that hurt!). Ironically, my psycho ex called me the night before and so together she and I took the gift to the office of my new ex, and generally had a blast driving around Lagos on Val’s Day. Of course me and this psycho ex are mutually too psycho for each other so even though we’re so fond off each other; no way! But carrying a very pretty girl in the car throughout THE day, you can never go wrong. So it wasn’t all sorrow and sadness for me.

In unrelated developments, I HATE Lagos! Christ! I’ve just spent weeks outside Lagos, and I can’t understand how I ever survived this dysfunction, degenerating city. Lagos is UNBEARABLE! People are LIVING in traffic! To go and do interviews on the Island I spent HOURS on the road, in the traffic – I was so frustrated!

Anyways, did an interview with the ‘Almighty’ Yemi Osindero of Virgin. Very cool guy. And of course I made sure to express my ‘upset’ that Virgin didn’t sponsor our event at the end of the day! However, it is always a refreshing difference to find Marketing managers who are really nice - usually those guys are full of their own importance – but people like Yemi, Nkiru Olumide-Ojo, Mrs. Iquo Ukoh and co are amazing in their 'down-to-earthedness'.

Also I (of course!) visited the True Love office (by the way I really don’t want to add my voice to Jeremy’s attack on TL in Naijablog since Kemi has given a good response, but suffice it to say that he should have looked at his words before posting them, really) and met ‘my’ crowd. Was great to see everyone, and it made me miss all the excitement of the interviews and the photo shoots etc - and that’s what makes coming to Lagos worth it, the people, not the city!

Sighted the next cover model (of course I can’t tell you!), Funlola Aofiyebi, Bayo Haastrup, Yemi Akerele (Entrepreneur of the Year - Beauty and Style) and others. Also did some catching up with Ebun Olatoye (who is like the Asst. Editor); who is my Number One gossip partner, so of course we had some gossip exchange!

("My people!" - Ebun is first from back)

Ebun is one of the people I have really deep affection for. She’s also one of the people who I know for sure have my back – and for no reason. She reads this blog so she’ll be knowing this for the first time, but Ebun was mainly responsible fopr the crucial turn in my life from ‘wasting my talent’ to ‘making some real money’, and all these she did in that her unselfish, unselfconscious way.

What else? Oh, talking about the not-so-good, I really just have to get this off my chest! Why do people allow bile eat them up so much? Went to visit one of my ‘aunties’, who is upset with me for no justifiable reason, and she just generally ignored my greeting – in the presence of everyone!! No one noticed fortunately cos her friends and staff were basically glad to see me around, but I just thought … I came all the way to her place, canceling two crucial appointments and going against my way just to say hello, and someone who I am the one who is actually supposed to be very angry at her is giving this?! I SO wanted to be upset at her, but funny enough I only felt so sad. It also re-enforced to me just how much I should rid bitterness from my own life. Really.

Anyways, so the week, like I said was a delightful mix of the good, the bad and the ugly and I had fun.

And, right now I AM having fun! Unfortunately I cant tell you all about it, cos this post is long already. But, I am at The Future… Awards After-Party at the Miccom Resotrt in Osun State alongside Tara Fela-Durotoye, Denrele Edun, Gbenga Sesan and others and it IS a blast! My body still aches from all that dancing past midnight yesterday – I shall put up pictures so you just see for yourselves.

We’ll be out of here by afternoon, and it’s back to the real, stressful, struggling world. How was your week? Cheers.


bibi said...

hmmm lagos..hehehe never spent more than a week in lagos... i dont plan to stay in lagos o..terrible place..

nice blog.. dunno all dse people u mention. i need to update my self bout naija o

Omohemi Benson said...

Becos u don comot from Lagos,for how many months,you can say we dey craze!
You no well!
Glad you are having fun though,
Why wasn't I invited to after party,*sobs*
Aha,about that your big aunty,I guess she'll come around soon.

BOA said...

lol @ new-ex and psycho (aka old) ex... question for you: is the grass ever greener on the ex-side of the garden?...

UnNaked Soul said...

hey man. can I share an idea with you? buzz me back at


mystoriesmytestimonies said...

i miss naija....
u guys are always up to some fun...
future awards, hip hop awards....
cant wait to see ur pic from the after party....

i love true love magazine... my friend sent me the dec edition ...
are u the only one writing for the magazine??? ...ur name is everywhere....u write well sha.....

in ur 12 top moments from 2006 ..u did not include the plane crash... am guessing it was only for joyful events..

Chude! said...

Of course you know that that your question is too deep for a heart-broken man!!!

But most of us cant help living in Lagos!! Btw, when last were you 18??!Lol

My stories,
Indeed. Lagos is more fun as the days go by, more people creating value despire the harsh environment.


I left you for last - na you no well!!! Danfor driver, how you no go like Lagos - no be una spoil am?!!Lol

My aunty? Abeg remove the 'big'. Whether she comes around or not is her problem. Me, I will continue to be focused on where I'm going.

Thanks, all!

bibi said...

hmm last yr september!!!
wid the lol at the end of the quest i hope it aint a joke sha

Ebun Olatoye said...


Thank you so much for your beautiful words. It was Kemi Ogunleye who actually drew my attention to it, and when she read you words out my hear stirred.

I have to say though that I am not like Assitant Editor at True Love . We are all a team here. Vivian, Bola Atta's P.A assists the editor and Kemi Ogunleye the Public Relations and Marketing Manager is crucial to the back end operations at True Love.

I do appreciate your king word.

You must visit again soon.

Chude! said...


Have I become the kind of person that you cannot call and whisper 'Ah, that was SO politically incorrect o!' and I would jeje adjust the post accordingly?

Remember that you don't need to tell me just how much work Kemi puts into the magazine - juggling the role of PR Manager PLUS writing in the Magazine PLUS harrassing the hell out of me, other writers and photographers to get the story in?!

And what's with 'You must visit again soon'?

Me I no appreciate that formality o - I understand, but no appreciate. Is it not the same me?!

Please NONE of my friends should go all formal and proper on me here. This is a diary; not a magazine!

I'm calling you now sha..

Ebun Olatoye said...

Dear Chude,

You of all people know that I am formal in public spaces whether they are actual or virtual.

Also isn't it only fair that I corrected your political error in the same space where the error was made?

I know that you are well aware of the credit due to everyone at True Love so there is absolutely no need for you to get your knickers in a twist.

I await your phone call and then I won't be so formal.

Anonymous said...

u guyz are sick and jobless.