Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tomorrow (Friday, the 16th of March) is my Birthday!

For the first time since I started Law School, I sneaked away from class halfway through the day. I just had to go for the closing day of TV/film Festival, Bob TV. Too many of my favourite people were there.

Saw all of them, had fun discussing like the world was about to wrap up, sighted Liz Benson, Justus Esiri and other celebrities, and then had a buffet-lunch at the Sheraton along with one of my aunties, Onoshe, my former boss Nike (at her expense actually) and film genius, Sandra Obiago. It was heavenly.

Another aunty informed us that just across the road, Charly Boy was launching his book, My Private Part, and she could get us entry so we moved over there, and it was a poorly co-ordinated event, which is surprising since it is Charly Boy’s event, but for the brief period we were there it was also quite fun. Saw other fav people like Jahman, said hi to Madam Due Process and then we rushed back to the Sheraton where the raucous gisting continued … all in all saw more people in this one day than I would usually see even when I was in Lagos, and generally had a blast…

There is a party right now at the NTA Arena; and everyone is going to be there, and one or two of them have suggested strongly that I should go too, but I am just filled to the brim with happiness at the moment and just wanted to come to the room and glow in it.

You see, for two days now, I have been relatively depressed, and for no strong reason. But today my spirit soared … there is no better way to feel on the day before your birthday … I really can’t wait for tomorrow to come – I will blog abut it tomorrow, but be assured that I intend to do some crazy stuff, and sure as daybreak to have as much fun as is humanly possible!

Oh, and it's my 22nd birthday by the way ... dont hesitate to send in your wishes, lemme feel all the goodwill there is!!!


Kafo said...

HAPPY B-DAY oooooooooooo
may the Lord continue to bless u

Anonymous said...

Oh really?

Happy Birthday man!!!

Ijeoma N. said...

I no even know wetin bring me come ur blog this early in the morning! I dey vex for you o, but dem no dey vex for person for im birthday!

I'm happy for you man! You deserve all the happiness you desire! And God has been good to you over the past year!

Ebun said...

Happy Birthday dear Chude!

May your coming years outshine the last 22.

Best wishes.

Lola said...

Happy Birthday Chude! are u serious? 22?!?! I wouldn't have guessed that, i'm surprised! Have enough fun to last a lifetime.

I always say every single birthday is a reasong to celebrate like there's no tomorrow!

Osa said...

Happy B'day

mystoriesmytestimonies said...

happy birthday ...
you are young oooo
but u write with wisdom...

Gbemi said...

Happy Birthday Chude, God bless you and enable you to continue your good work.

You are only 22?? I dont believe it..........Where's my cake??

My Talking Beginnings said...

happy birthday, tried calling u but no answer, now we know what you were up to!

Amina said...

Chude, you are only 22?! I CANNOT believe this!! And so sorry this is belated. Hope you had fun? Happy birthday!!

C.J said...

hey happy birthday in advance. 22! my goodness you have started out good and early! so i hope to get involved in the nigerian media / entertainment scene someday, hopefully soon, so if i need pointers maybe i'll come to you? lol. have a great day!

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday young man!

Bella Naija said...

Happy Birthday!
Geeeez u r such a baby...22~
Glad that you are feeling a lot better now...


Seun said...

How now Chude? Na wa o. I havent checked your blog since last week - a lot has been going on!

Of course, birthday greetings! So what and what exactly did you get up to on that day??

Chude said...

Thanks SO much for being the first to drop by!!

The Anonymouses,
Thank you!

Ijeoma my love,
You no fit vex with those you love se you know?! Thanks!

Yes! Yes! I'm a baby! And i hear you; birthdays are an excuse to be deliriously happy and i was!!

Thanks a lot!

My Stories,
Aw thanks a lot. You're so kind to me! Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Oh my goodness! Now, I am exposed! (Lol)! Em... about that cake ...

Oya, call me back my friend!

Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Thanks man! No problems, just hit me up with any questions!

Thanks the Queen of all bloggers!!

Thanks man. In answer to your question; i will now post details of what happened on that day here -

Cheers all and thanks again!