Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ah, so THE day has come and gone ...

Thanks a lot for all the messages. For people like me who love the soapy things of life, it does mean a lot. And I would also want to reserve special thanks to the bloggers who decided to go beyond just posting, found my number somehow (I’ve never received more than 2 birthday calls/messages from across the seas at any point, and this time there were 7, 5 of them bloggers!) and called or sent an sms. These days, I’ve learnt not to ask how anyone gets my number, so I’ll just say thanks!!! Really.

Of course my phones were screaming for sp[ace on that day; which is mostly because I always send texts two days before my birthday to close friends and family demanding that they send me wishes! And the reason is quite simple: I never remember birthdays and so it is only sensible to expect that others don’t; it doesn’t hurt to be considerate enough to remind them instead of getting upset they didn’t remember. All, expect two, of the people whose messages I most wanted to read, I got. Which was really sweet.

I also used it as an opportunity to get ‘free hugs’ from all the girls in my class! Like I told the guys who for some funny reason wanted to hug me (what?!): ‘This is my birthday; please allow me enjoy it – so no flat chests allowed! Lol)

I ate shamelessly, drank senselessly, and what else? Spent the day reading the messages I got again and again and again and again and again!

Interestingly, just found out that my ex (no not that one … and no not that one!) had her baby just hours before my birthday. So, what, is that a sign?!Lol Birthdays are such amazing things … for others they are just another day. For you, it’s you day. Yours. That one day in the year. I will take stock of the past one year soon, hopefully,

Again, thanks for those who sent their love. Trust me; it was very well appreciated.


Mrs Somebody said...

Happy buffday to you chude!!!!!

Chude! said...

Mrs. Somebody, thanks a lot!!!!

Naijadude said...

So ur bday is just a day before mine. Oops Happy belated birthday buddy! I guess you had a great one eh ? ;)