Thursday, October 25, 2007

Yaddy Hits Bull's Eye - Again!

Please can someone join me in giving applause to President Yar'adua for this resounding eloquence of intellect... HERE


People forget that we had a similar situation in the past when, following a crisis which also bordered on allegations of corruption and abuse of office in the legislative arm, the then President, in a national broadcast, told the world that certain members of the National Assembly took bribes", he posited.According to him, "one of the two former House of Representatives members publicly indicted in that unfortunate episode, one is a Governor and the other a Senator", he noted.

He pointed out that "neither of them was even indicted in the report compiled by the same government before the April elections, raising questions about the propriety of executive intervention on an issue that is better internally resolved by the legislature or at best adjudicated upon by the judiciary.Yar'Adua who spoke through, his Special Adviser on communications maintained that his oath of office demands of him to act within the law at all times hence his resort to the dictates of the rule of law.

"The importance of the rule of law, which has become an article of faith for President Yar'Adua, and adhering strictly to the principle of separation of powers, lies partly in the arbitrary powers it denies to individuals and the discipline it imposes on all and sundry", he argued. PLEASE, EVERYONE, NOTE!


Ifreke said...

Chude,na which one be Yaddy now?You no gist us say you don dey on first name rapport with the Supreme Ruler o..Anyways,seriously I think he is messianic to a doubtless extent and he is stamping his mark very brilliantly..


Yardy hits a bullseye?! Chude, what have u been drinking?
Anywayz, I know you and THISDAY are Yardua mouthpieces so it's not a surprise....
It is a lame ass excuse for Yardua to cite separation of powers for his reason not to intervene in the Etteh saga (publicly)...we all know that privately, Yardua and his illegal govt have been urging Etteh to continue her fight to hold on to power.
In true democracies, Etteh would have long resigned and if Yardua can't intervene to resolve issues at the legislative arms of govt; putting pressure on Etteh to resign, then I doubt if he even have the balls to intervene in solving critical issues that confronts us as a nation today - fighting corruption, following through with his govt indictment of corrupt ex-governors and bringing them to justice, poverty in every facet of our economic lives, the niger-delta issues, armed robbery on the rise in our major cities, power outtages, you name it.
When you have a nation that have been held to ransom by a Speaker of the lower House, who have been indicted for abusing her office and the ruling govt. is playing sitting duck, then I think we all know what Yardua stands for - supporting his corrupt and do-nothing political clowns!
the interest of the nation should be above any political office holder...but not for Yardua, Etteh, the ruling PDP and their group of sycophants!
what have Yardua accomplished since he came into office? Nothing!
What has the senate achieved under the rulership of David Mark? same gibberish!
what has Etteh and her leadership been doing in the lower house since they assumed office? nothing!
No new bills have been passed, the budget is being held up because of the quagmire in both houses...and Yardua is sitting tight, letting this crisis linger on to ruin his govt and the Nigerian people. there is no governance going on in Nigeria. PERIOD!

Chude, did you really ask us to applaud Yardua for his resounding eloquence of intellect?
Yardua, eloquent? Intelligent? You must be dreaming...
You think Nigerians can be fooled by colourful rhetorics or ill-conceived excuses from Yardua and his govt for their inability to lead and move the nation forward....Yardua will soon be condemned to the dustbin of history as another failed illegal Nigerian govt.

Anonymous said...

Hmm Mr. Jideonwo, you are really taken in by Yar'adua - but fact is you are right. His stand is well thought out. I just hope he can sustain it

Chude! said...

Yaddy ius to Yaradua as OBJ was to Obasanjo! No familiarity o.

@nigeria politricks,
there two strong temptations - one was to reply you in kind, which I hacve no qualms in doing, the other was to ignore you completely but that was the stronger impulse. However uninformed opinions have a way of assuming a life of their own, so before you repeat this ianity enough for anybody to begin to wonder: I do not work for Thisday; Nduka Obaigbena does not pay my salary, the man I have never met, same as Yaradua or anybody that works for him. I have not even written for Thisday in almost six months now.

About the rest of your tantrum it would be a complete waste of time to even engage you, and life is too short. The clear-eyed with matter between tehir eyes can see for themselves. On the last paragraphs where you have predicted that this government will fail, it is my prayer that your statements come to nought and that this gentle, firm strides to solidify democracy by the new administration bring the natural fruits.

I AM taken in by him no doubt. But as always, that decision comes with very good reason and it is obvious for all to see - just as you have noted.