Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Did Yaddy have to do anything?

Democracy ran it's full course. Yar'adua respected the democratic institutions that the contitution in its wisdom so structured, and didnt interfere. The people spoke, the members battled, he continued his own job of building the nation. And at the end Etteh went down - in a completely democratic process!

Did Yar'adua have to decend into the arena of battle? Did he have to interfere in the process? Did he have to soil his hands for democracy to work? Aren't those whole insisted he had to step in thoroughtly ashamed of themselves now?



Yardua should be ashamed of himself for not having the balls to speak out against corruption, when the nation was confronted with this critical issue in the lower house...the foundation on which his govt is allegedly built! (cough*)
the nigerian people rose up, spoke against Etteh and she buckled...

if a president can't descend into battle fronts, can't interfere in critical issues to find solutions, can't soil his hands for the nation and for democracy to work, then he must have his head examined...(i'm sure that's what Yardua is going to be doing with his health checkup this week in Germany!). democratic presidents are born to lead; not sit-tight, tight-lipped and do-nothing baboons!

MsMak said...


I saw a line of reasoning today in a Thisday article today that would refute your (and Yardy's) line of argument...

If we say the kitchen is primarily the woman's dept., does that mean the husband should not get involved if it happens to be on fire?

Just saying.

Anonymous said...

No we are not ashamed of ourselves.
Perhaps I should explain my position to you.

I believe in separation of powers but Yar'Adua is the leader of this country and conversely the father of all. Truth is that the House of Reps have not done anything in terms of passing a single bill since this scandal broke in late August I think and I believe that this lady took this to her advantage.
Even after Safana's death, her further adjournment was just the cheek of it. Yar'Adua had to postpone his budget speech to the legislators because of this for heaven's sake. It must be said that whoever you are, matters of state should not sacrificed at the personal altar of you trying to save your position.

Anonymous said...

Wow, so you think that it was great that Yaradua did and said nothing while Etteh held the nation ransome for three months, you think it's okay that Yaddy says nothing while Adedibu frustrates Dora/Nafdac in Ibadan.Its also very nice I guess, that he folds his hands and watches millitants run the Niger delta.Afterall at the end of the day, rule of law will prevail. What do you think would have happened if opposition had not been strong in the house(God bless them)Etteh would have remained and your dear daddy,sorry yaddy would still have come out to say its triumph for the rule of law as he clearly has no idea what that means. He thinks to be president means to be able to afford frequent trips for check-ups.

Chude said...

I am certain you love the sound of your own voice. Cos I dont understand what concerns NAFDAC and the Niger De;lta in this issue.

Are you unaware, sitting on your uninformed couch, that Yaradua stepped in firmly and actually stemmed the tide of violence in the region, or that the Inspector of Police has called Adedibu in for questioning.

That;'s what the President was voted to do. To GOVERN. The legislature should MAKE LAWS and co-ordinate themselves. If we want Yaradu8a to interfere in every political and legilative squabble as the 'Almighty emperor' then we know from experience that he would not have time for anything else! Jeez, are we so short-sighted that we only think of now, today, and cant see beyond our noses?!

Of course I am ignoring the Yaddy-Daddy quip.

Chude said...

@anon 1,
Would you call Bush the father of America the way we Aalways call our Presidents the 'father of the nation'?

So second question, do you see him ever interfere, whenever there is an international issue of the house, even when it involves filibustering or otherwise delatying hsi bills? That's what the rule of law is about.

Yaradua's only job is to make his opinions known thorugh pricvate means, internal party machinery etc. Coming out to start stomping his 'authority' serves no purpose. It would only be grandstandiong since there is actually no power that he has to remove or sack or suspend.

If it were his minister, then ehen! We can have a conversation.

If you justify interference, it means you supported all of Obasanjo\'s impeaching here and there - and where did all of that lead us? What results from that kind of dictatorship is that you impose the views and morality of one man on the entire nation. That is not right! That is why we have a legislature - tyo make sure that that one man does not become all powerful that he becomess the moral force of the nation.

NO the job of a moral force belongs to the legislature, and as you have seen from this ETteh case, when left on their own, the result can be positive. It might be painful yes, it would be slow most certainly, but democracy has its costs.

If we want Presidential fiat then why are we waiting time calling for elections, call on the soldiers to come back to the Villa!

Chude said...

Unfortunately it is not so simple, and Eni-B was just being misheivous.

If it were the President and his Vice President or his ministers, then that kitchen analogy would make sense.

But that analogy does not make sense because there are constitutional walls and gates that stop Yaradua from being able to put out the fire in the kitchen. The best he can do is come out and say this is wrong this is wrong this is wrong.

BUt that is as futile as a husband who is outside the gate trying to save his child from a well leaving what he is doing to go and shout on his wife in a burning kitchen 'put out the fire, put out the fire', especially when there is a fire extinguisher near the wife and the door is locked.

Not only will his child die in the well, but he most likely will distract the wife.

EVen if the food in the kitchenw ill be delayed by the fire, the fact is there is NOTHIN he can do but talk and shout and scream, and that is counterproductive, because the wife can see there;'s a fire.

Yaradua as president has a SEFIOUS job to do - roads to be buildt, Nier Delta situation, our foreign policy etc etc, why do we want him to waste his time pokenosing in a legislative house in which he can make no impact?

He cant suspend her, cant demote her, cant sack her, cant do ANYTHING to her - so what is the use of stomping his foot all about. What did 8 yeards of Obasanjo doing exactly that achieve for us??

Chude said...
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Anonymous said...

chude,somethin really dey worry u as u jus dey yarn opata up and down for here...what r u feelin like sef?

Chude! said...

na you sabi o! send me email then we go yab oursel well well!

Chude! said...

Sadly, I have decided not to engage you. It is very unlike me. BUt I do not have the energy to engage in a dialogue where the othert party decides to have no ears

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Chude! said...

yes i called yopur bluff anmd I didnt post your comment. So off you go to a blog whose owner is 'magnanimous' enough to indulge your village-square intellectual jerk-offs. Oh but I will inform other readers that you did refer to yourself as a 'political and intellectual juggernaut'! Do people still use ridiculous words like that?!lol

Lola said...

"So off you go to a blog whose owner is 'magnanimous' enough to indulge your village-square intellectual jerk-offs."

HAHAHA, how brilliant is this? lol....

This is very rare, so brace yourself...i actually agree with you here chude. Yaradua let it take it's process and eventually the senate found its legs. If you keep carrying a baby it'll never learn to or feel confident enough to walk. There are three branches of government for a reason. I guess people are just not used to it functioning that way in Nigeria and Obasanjo certainly did not encourage it.