Sunday, September 9, 2007

Rush Hour 3 v MY Rush Hour Week!

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (That's the sound that comes when you blow out air out of your mouth - it's actually the elder cousin of a sigh of relief).

I haven't slept at home for an entire week!!! Just got back a couple of hours ago - and I tell you: have I ever been so glad to see my room - and my bed!!!!

It's all been about the new Rubbing Minds we were working on - shuffling between our new office space, the Channels TV studios (you know you've almost become staff when the security just waves you in!) and Planet One - and I was even the one doing the least work! I felt so sorry especially for Adebola, our director of operations who is the one directly in charge of this project. But we managed to survive it - and then a couple of days ago it was cancelled, but for very good reason. Channels always wants stuff to be perfect, and that is always a positive thing; except that, as I joked, too much 'perfection', can be a bad thing!

You'll be the first to know of the new date (in September) etc etc. Myself and Adebola were actually on Sunrise (I've ALWAYS wanted to go on Sunrise!) yesterday to talk about the postponement.

In between all of that though, I was able to get - AT LAST! - internet on my computer (everyone's gotten it before me: my excuse of 'no time yet' was beginning to sound stupid even to me!), had lunch with fellow blogger, Linda, and then (the big one) was able to go see Rush Hour 3!!!

Now, my friends at rotten tomatoes I have always agreed with on each and every fantastic movie (Notes on a Scandal, for instance) and the truly horrendous (Are We Done Yet picks up that trophy for now), but on Rush HOur 3 which got all of 13percent there ARE wrong! Add that to the fact that I went into the movie armed with cynicism and all the righteous snobbery of a movie critic, and then to have laughed so hard and almost at every turn?! Yes, Jackie Chan's face might be looking like a ton of bricks right now, and his mate isnt looking as dandy, but they still know how to tickle - and that whole subtle but very telling sub-theme on how America is the country that 'kills for no reason'? Brett Ratner certainly did the right thing in squeezing the last juice from teh franchise. Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant. If you havent seen Rush Hour 3, it's still at the cinemas (at least, Silverbird) - HURRY!!!

Speaking out what ele's good; it's a shame that the series Commander-in-Chief, only did one series before it was pulled off. Emilia was raving about it, cos she bought the series after she saw Oprah raving about it, and I was hooked all night until I had seen ALL 18 episodes and it is splendid! President Allen Mackenzie is perhaps the most brilliant character ever created.. Only worry though, seeing as after one episode, the viewers interest shifted (people blame ABC for 'mismanaging' the series, whatever that means) would that be a metaphor for how America sees Hilary Clinton's candidacy? I most certainly hope not.

And once more I say: Rush Hour 3 was FANTASTIC!

My week in a nutshell! Yours?



mystoriesmytestimonies said...

yeah...rush hour 3 was fantastic..
how u dey...

Anonymous said...

Long time no see, sweetie. How are you?


SD said...

na you busy pass for lagos?!!! Abeg i!

Ijeoma N said...

Where are you Chude

Anonymous said...

Rush Hour was a great movie yeah. ut i had a problem with the Chris Tucker sex scene - qand everything was moving too fast. But it was funny as hell!

Chude! said...

i'm fine o. where you dey since?

i have been trying to access your blog since forever now, and it says i have to be invoted - what gives?

aunty stella, na you be this abi?! beef!

i don email you

yes indeed funny as he;; - and you are SO right, that sex scene was a waste!

tintinbebe said...

I am surprised someone else (a guy for that matter)loved "Commander in chief. I loved the show as well and I thought Geena Davis was awesome. On it being cancelled...that's Yankee for U....It's stuff like "white chicks" and rubbish like that that sells and of course don't forget the reality show phenom that's taken over