Sunday, September 30, 2007

Reuben puts his mouth where his money is...

Reuben Abati's force of perspective and clarity of thought are clearly what make him arguably Nigeria's most popular columnist. Last week, his piece on Big Brother Africa was spot on; and this week, his piece on the shape of banking and the plight of banking staff is truly FANTASTIC.

To take a quote:

"Banks must be told to stop soliciting for deposits like beggars on the streets. I once mistook a female banker for a corporate beggar, and I was going to give the poor girl N500 to get rid of her before I saw the T-shirt she was wearing.
The CBN should stop banks from sending their staff onto the streets to dance and entertain prospective shareholders. The banks must also be told to set realistic targets for their marketing staff (if they must set targets), design other
performance measurement benchmarks, and concentrate more on raising the quality of their service: the surest way to build customer confidence. The present methods dehumanise and endanger the lives of staff..."

YOu should read the entire piece. HERE


Naijadude said...

Wow that is beyond sad!

Anonymous said...

So, what did you make in law school? Tell me or I'll hunt you down.


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logosian said...

Nice blog, dude. So true about bank staff and their insane working hours and pressure to hit unrealistic targets. Yet people are still desperate to get those jobs simply because they pay well. I find my own bank has become less efficient and more chaotic, plus they actually seemed aggrieved when I recently went in to withdraw some money from my fixed deposit account!

Anonymous said...

chude you wont update, you wont respoind to commentrs - this is wrong! or close down the blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey man.. lets know how the law school exams went...

Chude! said...

@naijadude, yeah i know

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