Friday, February 15, 2008

Eyes Still on the Dem Primaries, of course!

On the little matter of the Obama-Hillary run: this only will I say until March 4th; Weeping may last for two weeks, but Ohio and Texas come in March!!

That said; a 'comment-er', Ola, on my last post had this on-point comments about the 'freshness' and 'trandescending vision' of the 'change' candidate, Obama:

Hi Chude,
I'm another Nigerian who gets the 'Are You Crazy?'stare for preferring Hillary to Barack.Undoubtedly, Barack is a fine young man with immense charisma and a political talents but I still remain sceptial about the 'substance behind the style'.I have a problem with the change and unity message as no one has been able to tell me what the change is from or to? Is the process of governance going to change? are the rules of proceeedings in the US congress going to change? Is the deliberate, thorough and often slow process of legistlation going to change? I assure you talk about UNITING everyone will end the day he gets into office when he has to take a position on approving or vetoing a bill on some hot-button issue which splits america right down the middle. By the way-he is far left on abortion and that automatically guarantees him hatred form almost half of America(See as an example, maybe a partisan one, of how divided the country will remain) His careful and nuanced positions going by his Illinois senate record will not work then. His lofty goals of unity and change are simply not SMART (Simple, measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Bound)-unite america, change washington? What does that mean exactly?

Beyond that, I have been quite disappointed about how quickly the black community hung the Racist label on Bill clinton-so much for his friendship with African-Americans. The media also has been rather easy on Obama-almost unintelligently so-there are hard tough questions-based on Obama's previous record that haven't been asked. It would be naive of the Democrats to prop Obama up against John McCain-the GOP attack machine will simply tear him apart-unfortunately the liberal label will hang even better on him than it did John Kerry and Michael Dukakis. . I can just imagine Karl rove begging to be let in on the action. John kerry's was the flip-flopper label-Obama's will be soft on crime (illinois voting record opposing a ban on an early release for sex offenders), soft on dictators and America's enemies(comments about meeting unconditionally with the leaders of Iran, Venezuela, Cuba etc), soft on drugs(his documented use of crack and his alleged support for de-criminalsing marijuana('d certainly accuse him of being to the extreme left on the abortion issue. These attacks may not always be accurate or entirely truthful but they have worked over and over again and you can be sure the GOP will use them again. Have you even noticed how some conservative pundits have been emphasising his middle name? These are all the tricks they'll play and I think it's a stong argument that they (the GOP
)have thrown their best at Hillary and will have no more tricks against her left in their hat. Besides, I have listened to her again and again and there's just this passion and resolve to her about tackling America's problems that just get me.

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Every event is standing room only. By the tens of thousands they brave the cold, the rain, the snow and even tornadoes!
The people keep voting and Obama keeps wining. Not just words! Facts!
We love you Barack Obama!
Can't wait for the day we see you in the White House!!