Thursday, January 24, 2008

This and Plenty of THAt (Convoluted as usual)!

Oby Ezekwesili (World bank VP), her husband and Sen. Ita-Giwa at The Future.. Awards '08Tell me about it. IT's been CRAZY!!

Why havent I been able to blog? Plenty of reasons. The Apprentice (I am in charge of the website, as well as pubblicity, so read the website and tell me what you think!), my NYSC at the NLNG (9-5 EVERYDAY - it KILLS), and OF COURSE The Future.. Awards. And bits and pieces here and there.

In betqween the last time I blogged, I took a LONG-DESERVED holiday, spending a BEAUTIFUL no-phones, no-laptop weekend in Joburg, and have been travelling all around NIgeria. Will try put up the Jo-burg pics.

The Future,, Awards was such a HUGE success I am still tingling from it. Bella weighs in on it here. Ty bello and Emem Ema - I swear, this is the EXACT look for the future! (And it's official, I SERIOUSLY, TRULY Have a crush on Emem!) I generally dont talk about somethinmg so huge because I get lost in it - I am sure by next week or end of month, at least before the after party in Febraury at Miccom, I will have been able to form my thoughts, and gratitude.

On Hillary
And it's still Hillary COuntry in America: she won New Hampshire, she won Nervada, and they foregt she WON Michigan by 55%, WITHOUT campaigningt - if she had lost she would have been news. Bill Clinton is doing what he has to do, and Obama is whining! Complaining about the same thing he has been accusing HIllary of? I wish people could really see through this audacity opf Hype.

Hilary is 'doing it' - and winning!
That having been said, I am pretty disappointed with the black vote. Voting for Obama just because he is a viable black candidate does worse to deepen racism. After all that tyeh Clintons have worked on in civil rights issues, to just sweep that aside because Obama is bvlack and he can win? Shameful. What does that say to the whites who came out to sweep the polls for Obama in Iowa? So what? The blacks should go for Obama and whites for Hillary? My man, Naijadude is even more [passionate than I am (I didnt know THAT was possible) about Hillary and has plenty to say (plus great pics!! - I LOVE her pics - its formidability brought down!) on his blog

I a[pologise to all those who have placed comments I couldnt reply to - I will try to do so this wekend. And OF COURSE pictures from the future awards will be up. But you can see most of them on purefoto in the mean time.

Plenty coming up - pray for me let's blog together, and thanks Wienna and the others fo rkeeping the comments coming; i appreciate it


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Anonymous said...

Already the fixed idea, ‘Only a white man can become president,’ has been broken. We are witnessing the history, the process of grass-roots democracy turning into the U.S. strength.


mystoriesmytestimonies said...


u are a busy man...
hope to see u when i come to naija this God's grace will be in lagos, abuja easter...

Anonymous said...

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laspapi said...

ehen, chude, great job with the awards. I'm a self-appointed consultant for next year's show.

Mrs. Clinton, I love her, cant say why exactly.

desperate lady said...

Ok I pray that u update soon.
I thought the same thing about the voting thingy. I wonder wut black people think obama will do? Stop racism? O plzzzz.
They need to get their acts together.
Hey nice blog.

Chude! said...

@ all
thanks for the commesnts even tyho my replies come so late!

will reply to you properly by tomorrow! my system is about to go haywirre!

wienna said...

Hey boo.